Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Jake was sitting here in time-out, screaming his head off, and looked so comical in his Spongebob hat, that I grabbed the camera. When he saw it, he immediately stopped crying, wiped his tears, and flashed me a big, cheesy smile! The kid cracks me up!

Some people have asked how I have time to blog and I tell them that it's a matter of survival. First, I love to write, and second, I have to complete a few sentences in the course of a day. Completing sentences is an important skill to maintain when you are surrounded by toddlers all day. Jake and Zoey are in the habit of repeating everything we say to them, so having a 'conversation' with them goes like this:

Me: We need to get your socks.
Z or J: My thocks?
Me: Yes, your socks. And your shoes.
Z or J: My sthoes?
Me: Yes. And we need to change your diaper.
Z or J: dange my diapuh?
Me: Yes, you smell stinky.
Z or J: I tinky?
Me: Yes, you reek.
Z or J: I week?
Me: (Getting tired of repeating myself, I get a glint in my eye and decide to use words they can't pronounce, so that I can have something to laugh about) Yes, you smell disgusting.
Z or J: I mell dith-uh--thust--ttting?
Me: Yes, it's replusive.
Z or J: Ith poll - umm--thif
This is where I laugh my head off and think they are so adorably cute that I can't be annoyed with them.

Zoey and Kate have been picking up English words a lot quicker lately. They LOVE to pray and it's so cute! They HAVE to pray before they eat and before they go to bed--even for naps. They sound like this,

"DEAR GOD (loudly, with MUCH drama)
akf;sklfjadfkjadfskafkdf;kfjdkhadlgs;kdfafhdkjgdf (that's gobbly-gook that only God can understand)
AMEN!!! (with a flourish and a huge smile)"

They like to sing the first line of "Jesus Loves Me," and "Deep and Wide," which can be heard quite often when they are trying to fall asleep at night. They sing so sweetly and if noticed, will break into a huge grin. Last night, they were supposed to be asleep and I heard them giggling and laughing, so I went to check on them. They had their legs hanging out of their cribs, talking and playing with each other, so I turned the light on and took their picture.


Joyful Mom said...

Oh my gosh, how cute are those kids of yours ???????

I know, I know--blogging sure is a way to check and see if you do still indeed HAVE a rain :)

quilt'n mama said...

I love it! Our little guy that came home in January sounds much the same trying to copy English. He also LOVES to sing Jesus Loves Me and pray:) Make's my heart smile:)
www. quilt -n-

Mom Of Many said...

Okay, so for me blogging is indeed what keeps me sane...and it also is waaaaay cheaper than a therapist... =)

Much love to you sweet friend! xo

Lynsay said...

Oh man, I just want to squeeze them! I found some pix of K as I was going through some old stuff, I just can't believe it still, what a miracle! Continuing to pray!

Rachel said...

I love the stories about their conversations (aren't they the best?!) and that picture is gosh-darn ADORABLE! Thanks for sharing!