Saturday, March 21, 2009

Our Mountain-moving God

I am so amazed and excited! Do you remember the little girl who was supposed to get adopted when we got Zoey and Kate? The one whose 'parents' decided not to adopt her? Well....God had been writing a wonderful story!

A friend emailed me the link to the blog of that little girl's new family!! You just have to go and read the story!


Cari Bacon said...

I have been reading their blog today. How special is it for that little girl to have this family working to bring her home this whole time. That must be so exciting for you to have known about her for so long and hear of how God has been planning this all along. It's his plan "A" for her.

Nicole said...

HI! This touched me so much to read your blog entry about us and then this sweet comment left by Cari.... that God's plan "A" was for us to be Holly's family. I have always hoped the Lord ordained us to be her family but to hear the words PLAN A... it brought tears to my eyes. THANK YOU BOTH!!!

Karin said...

I believe it is Plan A, also! :) No doubt about it. He will always accomplish His purposes, and no one can stop them. I love that verse in Job 42:2 that says, " plan of yours can be thwared." Nicole, if you go back to the January archives, you can read about the day that "Holly" was at Civil Affairs. I was so captivated by her, and so heartbroken to hear that she wasn't getting adopted. If only I had known what God was up to... :)

Anne Devlin said...

What an amazing story God is weaving here - reminds me of our adoption of Ben after his first family disrupted. God's plans are always better than we can ever imagine or hope for! I need to email Nicole as my oldest bio son had a giant congenital nevus and Ben has a missing corpus callosum (similar to one of her son's) - what coincidences!

Ohilda said...

OMG, Karin! WHAT A SMALL WORLD! I was one of Nicole prayer warriors as we waited to see what God's plans were for "Holly". The adoption community truly is a very special tight knit family. I love it!

Thank you for the prayers for Kai. I'm off to read more about your kiddos and see those adorable faces again.