Monday, February 02, 2009

I would love to say that things are settling down around here, but the truth is, they are not. We are just in survival mode as we do our best to help Zoey and Kate assimilate into our family. They are doing very well, all things considered!

What do you get when you combine a two year old boy with a two and three year old girl? Lots of fighting! Kate and Jake are still going at it and sometimes Zoey gets in on the action. Calgon...take me awaaaaayyyy....!

Then you throw in another three-almost four year old boy who is a sweetheart but is very particular about his 'stuff.' As long as no one touches it, he is fine. We all know when his stash has been raided by the high pitched screeching that fills every corner of our house!

Added to this pack of rascals is SaraGrace, who has been astonishingly well-behaved since we came home. She does, however, slip into the bossy older sister routine quite often. The other day, she had a wand and was turning all the 'kids making bad choices,' into ducks. Not sure why she chose ducks?? At any rate, she said in her most stern of voices, 'You are ALL making bad choices! I'm turning you into ducks!" I listened for the response, hoping in a bad mommy sort of way that her scolding would produce results. Within seconds I heard a sarcastic, "Quack, quack, quack!" I cracked up as I heard her audible sigh of dismay. Not easily discouraged, she said, 'OK...I guess I will have to turn you into pigs." That threat must have worked, because I didn't hear any grunting.

Miss Kate has been taking her diaper off every time she wakes up in her bed. ugh. She will be getting the duct-tape-on-the-top-of-her-pj's treatment. Yesterday, she took her diaper off, pooped in her bed and then screamed hysterically because she was so grossed out by it. Yeah...she should try being me and having to clean it up!

All dressed and ready for church. Several minutes later, hairbows were gone, and their shoes and socks were off and spread all over the house. argh. We have decided that in the future, the hair bows, shoes and socks will not be put on their squirming little bodies until two minutes before we leave.

Truly...I have no regrets because they are absolutely precious! I was just thinking today about how sometimes God asks us to do something that is uncomfortable..or downright hard. This is hard. But He is good. It will not always be hard. I feel Him helping me and I know that "I can do all things through Him who gives me strength." (Philippians 4:16) This is especially put to the test on the days that Jeff is traveling!


masnocab said...

"Ready for church" picture is so cute. I placed it as my desktop background, so I can stare at their cute faces for awhile. I should the picture to Cali and she said, "Where's me in that picture?". I think because the kids look like her, she thought the picture was taken in China and that she should be in it. I had to explain that all these kids were brothers & sisters and this was at their house in Michigan. Thanks for the updates! I'll be praying that you'll get your Calgon moment! :)

~ Cari Bacon

Lynsay said...

Umm...I have an issue, I have 3 kids, you have 10 last I counted.....I'm willing to give you the stated fact that the bows and shoes were gone minutes after the picture, but how bout the living room? How come it is so beautiful and untouched? Oh....if only I could figure out how to manage kids, and neatness. It just isn't my gift. Half the time things are missing and they are my own fault (not the kids) I just can't keep things in order to save my life! They are beautiful!! (oink, oink!)

Karin said...

haha...the room is clean because my husband cleaned it the night before! He gets fed up with the mess and gets everyone to help him clean. I just watch in awe, as I never seem to be able to pull that off. Usually when I take a picture, I have to move the mounds of toys, clothes and other litter out of the background. :)

James, Dawn and Family said...

I'm impressed you are as together as you are. I'm also impressed you can see your floor and all the kids were sitting so nicely.