Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust

Just when I thought the stomach flu bug had left the premises, Jordan barfed all over himself this morning. Argh. He was nice enough to do it in the kitchen for easy clean-up. He is the first of the little kids to get it, so I suspect we will have another round of sick kids. Poor Jordan--he has a cold AND the stomach flu. All the little kids and Mommy have colds. Yee-ha... I hate winter!

So....I have a prayer request. Can you please pray that God will either make the virus leave our house, or hurry it up and have the little ones all get it over with before our round of doctor appointments next week?

I have to take Zoey for her fitting to order a brace for her leg/foot on Wednesday, and we were just notified that Kate is scheduled for her heart catheterization on Friday. We were happy to get that date so quickly, and we really want her to be able to go that day.

Some people have expressed confusion over Kate's diagnosis from last week, so I will try to clarify without making you more confused! The news we received was GOOD! Her medicals from China seem to have been incorrect and we are trying to figure out if it was a clerical error or something else. At any rate....instead of her only being able to have a heart that was always operating at less than full strength (with unknown prognosis), it looks like she will be able to have a FULL REPAIR, with a basically healthy heart! Like SaraGrace, she will need valve replacements as she grows.

Her heart cath on Friday will be a two hour procedure where they go into her legs and groin with catheters that will be threaded up to her heart. After that, we will know exactly what her heart anatomy is--although the doctor didn't expect any new surprises.

Is anyone besides me longing for spring?!

Not a robin, so I guess we have to wait awhile longer....


Adeye Salem said...

Ug---I think I'll pray that the sickness be GONE, not continuing to do the rounds. Enough now! Your little ones need to be healthy for all the appointments you have coming up.

Oh for spring! Bring it on.

Lynsay said...

I am! I thought it was spring (fireworks, lanterns, full moon, all for "spring" festival) but it is all of 7 out there with a crunchy layer of "snirt!" Don't worry, I'll be complaining again when summer gets here!!! Praying!

Gretchen said...

You are always in my prayers! I will pray for no more sickies! I hope mama gets better soon. I am still fighting this mess too!

quilt'n mama said...

I too am an adoptive mama:) I have a question for you and was wondering if you would email me...
quiltnmama2 @
(could you remove my email address after you read this?

~Cassie said...

Caleb got it over here yesterday! I'm hoping the rest of us don't get it!!