Thursday, February 26, 2009

Heart Cath post-poned :(

Unfortunately, Kate started running a fever again tonight, so we had to cancel her heart cath for tomorrow. It is very disappointing, but we know God must have a reason for the delay. She will be going to the doctor tomorrow to see if she has bronchitis or something. She has had pneumonia in the past, so we want to stay on top of her condition. I suspect that we have influenza running through our family. We all got flu shots last fall, and Kate got one in Jan., but they must not have been too effective on our little kids. The four youngest have all been miserable this week with high fevers and extreme congestion. And they all want Mommy to hold them. Jeff had to be out of town from Monday afternoon until tonight, so I was oh-so-glad to see him walk in the door!

Jake scared us badly tonight when he developed febrile seizures from his fever. It is very frightening to have your child's body jerking and not know for sure what is going on. We will be taking him to the doctor tomorrow with Kate.

On that note, I'm heading to bed, thankful for doctors and medicine.

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