Friday, February 13, 2009

Still in awe....

Jeff and I are still in awe about yesterday's news regarding Kate's heart. We are scratching our heads a bit, though, about how her China medical report said she had a single ventricle. She had open heart surgery in China. It's not like they gave her a diagnosis from an echocardiogram and just missed the ventricle. They opened her chest and did a surgery--which was successful in saving her life. Her doctor at U of M, thought maybe they chose that particular surgical procedure because her heart was so tiny and it was the only thing they felt they could do with any success.

So..I speculate further to say that to do that particular surgical procedure, they had to decide whether to sacrifice the use of the ventricle to save her life. I know that they didn't want to wait a day longer because they were so concerned that her high blood pressure would permanently damage her heart. There is a window of time that the heart needs to be repaired. She had other issues (infection/illness) that made the surgery extra risky, but they had to move forward or miss the window.

Perhaps after the surgery, they wrote 'single ventricle' on her discharge papers because they thought there was no way to undo what they had done and the ventricle would be forever rendered unusable.

At any rate...we are in awe of what God has done!

In other news...
Two nights ago at 2:30AM, a voice interrupted my sleep. I kept hearing, "Mom..Mom..." I finally realized that I was not dreaming and that there was a shadowy little figure standing next to my bed.
"What, honey?"
I then heard the words that no parent ever wants to hear.
"Mom...I barfed in my bed."
It was Jillian. I went to her room and just stared at the mess. My groggy brain could not figure out what to do. I eventually DID come up with a plan and got it cleaned up. So gross!!
Jillian and Molly share a double bed, but earlier that night, one of the little kids had been crying and woke Molly up. She had come into our room to sleep about an hour before Jillian barfed where Molly's head would have been. Ewwwww.....!
I did my best to quarantine Jillian, and we are praying that the rest of us don't get sick. I really don't care to repeat that night nine more times.

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