Monday, February 16, 2009

Baby Girl

While we were in China, we visited several orphanages. It was cold, and in one of the orphanages, the heat was inadequate. I shivered as I walked over to a row of cribs, where babies were lying beneath layers of quilts. I was immediately drawn to a tiny baby who was only a few weeks old and had an amazing head of hair. I stroked her silky head and asked for permission to hold her. The staff wanted the children to stay tucked into their beds, so they said no. Disappointed, I looked over to the next crib where another motionless child was lying. I patted her tummy and was surprised to get a beautiful smile in return. I patted her again...and was again rewarded with a huge smile. My heart turned over. I wanted to pick her up so badly, but all I could do was stand at her bedside and pat her tummy. She was so precious. There was just something very special about her. She was lying in a cold room, unable to move around due to the cold, and yet she was still able to give me a blinding smile just because I touched her tummy. Eventually, I noticed that her eyes crinkled up a bit more than normal when she smiled, and I realized she had downs syndrome.

This sunny little one has the possibility of being placed into a foster family. Would you please pray for the details to work out? God knows what they are. This little girl could fill someone's home with joy. She is a little sunbeam, and she needs someone to love her.


Adeye Salem said...

Oh gosh, my heart breaks---I wish I could just go and get them ALL. Trusting with you for this little one.

James, Dawn and Family said...

I would take them all home if they would let me. Their are faces that still haunt me from our 2 visits to China.