Monday, February 16, 2009

Update from the sick bay

Two more of the older kids have the stomach flu, and the four youngest ones have copious amounts of snot flowing out of their noses. Gross! Poor little Molly has been sick with the stomach bug for three days. She just lies on the couch moaning that her stomach hurts. Ryan is our other sick one. Since his room is in the basement, he has been texting me to let me know when he throws up, needs water, or if we have anything that will help his stomach feel better. I guess texting has replaced ringing a bell when you're sick and want something! It is a really bad flu...they are miserable with bad stomach pain, headache, and leg aches. I feel so bad for them.

Jeff is feeling weird but isn't sure if it's psychological. ha. I just keep praying that we won't all get it.

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Adeye Salem said...

Praying you all feel better really soon. Texting from the basement---that is hilarious. Yes, the new bell, I guess.

Mmmm, I'm not sure who Ian's family knows from Glen Eyrie. The Dad, David, works for the Navigators, has been there for years. I'm sure he must know your friends. Actually, the Lyon's may even know your parents if they spend a lot of time at the Glen? That would be wild.
They are such an amazing family. They are waiting on the results from Ian's spinal tap yesterday---they're pretty sure the cancer is bad. Trusting God with all our hearts for them---I just cannot imagine.