Tuesday, December 30, 2008

T minus 19 hours and counting....

I have no idea what 'T minus," means, but it sounds good when the NASA people say it!

We leave in 19 hours for our long-awaited trip to China to get Zoey and Kate. In the past few days we have been packing, finalizing tickets and schedules and battling the stomach flu. Not fun. We hope we have seen the last of the stomach bug.

We have been so humbled and blessed by three families who have stepped forward to watch our kids while we are gone. It is inconvienent and a sacrifice for them and we are so grateful for their offers to help. One of the families has a young daughter having surgery today and still insisted on having SaraGrace stay with them. Please pray for these families (that they will stay sane!!) and for good health for everyone.

And...ahem...'Baby" the bunny is actually a dog! At least, Jeff thinks so, and the more I look at Baby, the more I agree. Originally, I just glanced at the long, floppy ears and thought, 'bunny.'

We are all a jumble of emotions...fear, excitement, anticipation. The kids are doing well so far, although I am not looking forward to our good-bye's tonight. We leave for the airport at 5AM Wed., so when the kids wake up, we will be gone. (For those of you who get this blog via email, we will probably be gone by the time you get it.) For those of you who are praying....THANK YOU!!! We appreciate it so much. Feel free to email us when we are gone - or post comments on the blog. We LOVE hearing from home!


Melissa B. said...

I am SO excited to follow your journey to get the girls! I still am in awe over how God finagled this one! :-) Love you!!!

mylittlefairytales said...

Yeah! We are so glad to see "Baby" (yes he is a dog, lol!), is off to a great start! I love how he has checked the luggage and the backpacks for Kate and Zoey! The kids at school will so love this adventure, as will my favorite little 3 year old! Safe travels to you and THANK YOU!! -Cammie (a.k.a. Mrs. O.)

masnocab said...

Our family will also be following your journey as we dream about taking the same journey to China prayerfully sometime in 2009. We are gathering all the paperwork and things needed for the home study. You remember this process very well, I'm sure! We will keep you all in our prayers daily and look forward to seeing the pictures. God Bless!

~ Cari Bacon