Friday, December 26, 2008

Itinerary and prayer requests

We have our finalized travel dates and flights. We are having to stay a few extra days due to full flights on the days we originally wanted to return, but we are thankful to have flights!

Dec. 31st – leave for Beijing, arrive the afternoon of Jan.1
Jan 2 – Visit foster families at Hope Healing Home
Jan 3 – free day to adjust to time change :)
Jan 4 – fly to Zhengzhou
Jan 6 – paperwork
Jan 7 - visit Kaifeng orphanage?
Jan 8 - visit Nanyang orphanage?
Jan 9 - fly to Guangzhou
Jan 10 - medical exam
Jan 11 - free day
Jan 12 - Consulate appointment
Jan 13 - get girls’ visa
Jan 14 - free day
Jan 15 - free day
Jan 16 - fly to USA on Kate’s 3rd birthday

Arrive home Jan. 16th on United flight #526 from Chicago to Detroit at 3:30PM. If any of you want to meet Zoey and Kate at the airport, we would love to see you!

For those who want to pray, here are our requests, and thank you so much for standing with us:
- Please pray for our kids and their caregivers at home. We are so incredibly blessed to have friends who have stepped up to take care of our kids for two weeks. Some of our kids will be home, and some of them will be staying with others. We are trying to prepare them as best as possible, but they need God to help them not get too lonely for Mom and Dad.
- Bonding for Zoey and Kate, to us and to each other.
- Good health in China. It's no fun to be sick and just makes getting to know each other harder.
- All of our paperwork would be correct.
- Flights on time, no lost luggage, and that our computers, camera, video camera would work properly. Three of our last four times in China, our computer died. ugh.


~Cassie said...

I'll be praying for you guys Karin!


2China4Ayla said...

Prayng - and just SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!! I also prayed you have no headaches! :o)