Friday, December 19, 2008


A week or so ago, I noticed a puzzling pile of spoons in our silverware drawer. They were not with our other silverware, but rather lying next to it. They were also sticky and obviously had not been washed. Hmmmm....

I figured one of the little kids was the culprit, but knew it would be a waste of time trying to question them.

The other day, I watched Jake as he was his usual helpful self. He cleared his bowl from the table and set it on the counter. Next, he carried his spoon over to the drawer, opened it, and threw the spoon up and over the side. He knows that is where the spoons come from, but since he isn't tall enough to see inside, he doesn't realize that there are compartments for spoons, forks and knives. Thank goodness - since I can easily take out the pile he has squirreled away, and wash them when he's not looking.

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Lori said...

Very cute!!! Melissa used to throw my good Oneida spoons in the trash - didn't realize until I had lost about 4 spoons... and a cereal bowl.