Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Birthday Week

Our little Miss Chloe turned 6 on Sunday. Happy Birthday to our sweet Chloe!!

Tomorrow is Jeff's birthday! Happy Birthday to my wonderful man! The other day, my dad sent me a link to a music video called, "He Didn't Have To Be." It is a song written by a son whose step-father was a wonderful father to him. It's a beautiful song, and there is one part of it that resonated with me when I think of Jeff. He didn't have to be a father to ten children. He didn't have to take on the financial and physical responsibility of adopting ten children who need him. However, he chose to heed God's call, and give these precious ones his name, his heart, his life. I am thankful to have the privilege of being his wife.

If you'd like to view the video, click here.

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