Monday, December 08, 2008

Girl Day

Several weeks ago, Jillian, Molly and I went on a much-anticipated trip to the mall so that the girls could get their ears pierced. Jeff had finally given his consent, and they were very excited. My mom met us there and we started out the day with lunch at one of their favorite restaurants. Then, it was on to the main event.

Molly went first.

Then it was Jillian's turn.

Grandma and the girls pose in front of their favorite store after Grandma does some early Christmas shopping...

Then it was off to Build-A-Bear, to make bears for their new little sisters, Zoey and Kate. Jillian made Kate a panda, and Molly chose a little pink bear for Zoey. Mommy blinked back a few tears when Jillian was putting the heart into Kate's bear and the store employee said, 'Give it a kiss so that it will beat healthy and strong." If he only knew....

Our next stop was a visit to see Santa. The girls know he is not real, but they like to pretend (and I think they mostly like the free candy cane). Each year they give me an update on Santa's breath - good or bad. It cracks me up! This year, his breath was minty. Other years, the report has not been so complimentary.

We finished up the long, but extremely fun day, with some yummy fruit smoothies. The girls continually told me that it was the best day EVER! They were so cute! I enjoyed every minute of it!


Gretchen said...

How FUN! I love girl days!

Jill Johnson said...

I love the Santa-breath comments. What a riot!