Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas preparations

Christmas preparations are in full swing at our house. I love this time of year! Jillian, Molly and Chloe have been practicing their songs for the Christmas concert at school and our littlest three have been picking up some of them....sort of.

This morning, as they followed me around the house, they were each singing - but not together.

SG: Dingle bewws (jingle bells), Dingle bewws, dingle all da way
Jordan: Dinle bewws, dinle in a one hosse sway
Jacob: HEY!
SG: I tawt I'd take a wide...laughing all da way
Jacob: HEY! (he has this part down!)
Jordan: Dinle bewws, dinle all da way
SG: Mom, am I a good singer?
Jordan: I wike singing
Jacob: jiggle beww, hey!
SG: Are my nose holes big?
Me: huh?
SG: (forgets question and starts singing again) We wish you a Mewwy Chwistmas
SG: (goes back to jingle bells) Dinglw bewws, Jordan smells... (stops and grins mischeiviously)
Jordan: smiles - because boys consider it a complement to be told they smell
SG: ....Jordan smells, Jakie laid an egg.
Me: (wondering what possessed me to EVER sing the Batman smells, Rudolph laid an egg version of Jingle Bells to my ever-impressionable children)

SaraGrace mercifully went on to other things since the "Jordan smells, Jakie laid an egg" didn't get the big reaction she'd been hoping for. I'm guessing it will reappear at a most inappropriate time.


~Cassie said...

AWWW there so cute! I love the picture of Jordan and Jakie!!


mncfi said...

Hi Karin - I am just enjoying reading your blog, having recently found it. My Zhi Xia was one of your LWB kids. Your family is gorgeous, and you are an inspiration! Thank you for sharing it all in your blog.
And Wow! - two little sweethearts on the way to your home soon. How exciting. Is Kate called Mia at Hope? We are praying for everything to go swiftly and smoothly for you.
~ Fiona

Karin said...

Fiona--so glad to hear from you! Yes, Kate is called Mia at Hope. Thank you sooooo much for your prayers! Give Zhi Xia a kiss for me. :)