Tuesday, December 09, 2008

It's Christmas...but you're not home

Zoey and Kate's stockings are hung, but we know they won't be home for Christmas. As we wait and pray for them, our hearts ache that they will spend Christmas alone - but rejoice that next year, they will be surrounded by family.

The Christian music group, "Third Day" has a Christmas song called, "Merry Christmas" about a family waiting for their daughter from China. It is so sweet and worth the time to watch. Click to see 'Merry Christmas!'


Lynsay said...

Yippee that they will at least be home next year!! This video made me bawl!! Great! I am going to put a link to it too!

Do you know when you get to travel yet?

Karin said...

No travel dates yet! Hopefully soon.

masnocab said...

Awe! The pictures and video had tears rolling down my face. I just filled out the application to GWCA online on Monday night to start the process for Sami's adoption! We should hear from the agency soon. Merry Christmas to your entire family!

~ Cari Bacon