Monday, August 01, 2011

Slip-and Slide Fun

What is there to do when it's summer and it's hot?

Some people have pools.

We don't.

A few days ago, the kids started playing a game called, "drip, drip, drop,' which is played a lot like 'duck, duck, goose,' except you drip water on heads and then dump a cup of water on the person you tag as 'it.' I came outside to watch and I'm tellin' ya...they looked pitiful.

Eight kids trying to get wet with one small bucket of water.

So I did what any mother would do. I went to the store to see if there were any water-based activities I could get for them. I came home with a brand, spankin' new slip and slide.

We tried it out on the hill in our backyard. It says on the instructions that this won't work.

But we were only imagining the fun we could have...stars in our eyes...and throwing caution to the wind.

Big sister tries it first. Whee! Sure was F.U.N.

Go, Katie!

Molly is a crazy dare-devil.

SaraGrace slides down with a bit of drama... Surprise, surprise.

J-Man careens off the side

Now here I must stop and point out something you may not have noticed.
He is standing in pretty much the same place in each of the above pictures. He was too scared to go down.
We encouraged him to try.
He refused.
We cajoled. We pleaded.
He remained unmoved.
But eventually...ever so slowly...he began to edge over to the top of the slide.
And then his sweet sister, Molly, gave him a gentle kick in the pants.
It was just what he needed.

Crossing his arms in an effort to exude bravado. Yeah. We weren't fooled. Look closely and you can see Molly's foot in the back of his pants. hee!

And down he goes! And it primed his use an old phrase. There was no looking back after he realized that it truly WAS fun.

After a bit, we did have to move the slide to flat ground. Sadly, the kids were sliding off the end of it when it was on the hill and were tearing up the grass and getting all muddy.


The slide was not the best activity for Zoey. She couldn't wear her leg on the slide for fear of tearing it (the slide, that is). She couldn't get enough speed hopping up to it and trying to slide. She did a lot of army crawling through the water but finally we decided that she needed someone to pull her. Jillian quickly volunteered. Love that girl! Eventually Molly got on the other side of Zoey and it worked great!

Dancing through the raindrops

The girls watch as J-Man goes flying by them

Time for a graham cracker break

Prune-y little feet covered with grass

They had a blast! They have played with it for three days in row--which was a blessing because Jeff has been gone since last Wed. He is coming home tomorrow (woot, woot). The kids have been really good in spite of a nasty virus that traveled through them with a fever, sore throat, stomach pain and headache. It wasn't strep--just a yucky virus.

I love summer!! I can't believe it's already August. WAAHHHH.......

Oh...and by the way...we were told this week that Kate will not be having surgery. After reviewing Kate's case, the surgeon did not feel it was worth the risk to do the surgery when Kate's current procedure (the fontan) is working so well for her. We are pretty relieved. I just didn't have peace about it. Maybe the timing is off--or maybe there will be some new technology in the future for Kate's heart.


Serving the King said...

Hey Karin! Thanks so much for the info on Boston childrens. We did have his file reviewed there and they are what have given us hope! They say there is no way to know for sure until we get him but they are willing to try! Going up there logistically kinda stresses me out with the other kids, a new base, no support network down here yet, etc but the doc in Boston actually recommended another doctor at a specific facility only 2 hours away from our house! Praise God! We'll see what happens when they see him and go from there, I'll do whatever it takes so you never know...I could be up in your neck of the woods soon! Got room on your couch? :)

Angie said...

Fun, fun! We've been looking for one because we are pool-less, too. None to be found. Guess we have to start shopping in December for one...

Kim K. said...

What fun pictures. I know my girls will enjoy seeing this post...especially seeing the expressions on all your kiddos faces. You are reminding me that we haven't gotten out our slip-n-slide yet this year. It was a birthday present for Josie. I'm relieved that Kate won't be having to undergo another heart procedure. Praise God that Mott Children's hospital did the procedure well enough for your little sweetheart. You and I will always have our Mott connection. HUGS!!

sara said...

so fun!!

I loved the part about Jake. I immediately thought...I'm like that with God. thinking back to SheSpeaks, I knew He wanted me to go, but I ever so slowly inched to the ledge, fearful of what I didn't "know". Then once there, realized what amazing things He had for me!!

Sometimes we just need a good kick in the pants don't we?

Lori said...

August...YAY!! Hip-hip HOORAY!!

It is so blasted hot here (high today is 108)...we desperately need fall to arrive. And I need my kids to be in school.

Love the slippy slide! It looks like it could have been about 10 feet longer though! I heard of a family who bought a big plastic painters tarp and wet it down with water & dish soap...the kids had a ball! But I'm not going to do that. I see broken limbs written all over it.

Anyhoo...sounds like ya'll are keeping it fun up there in the northeast.

trustandobey said...

What a fun way to cool down. We don't have a pool either so we know how hot summer can be. Glad to see Jake take the plunge:) Had Kate been there, she would have given him the kick of encouragement as well...she LOVES all things WET.

Anonymous said...

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