Saturday, August 27, 2011

Batten Down the Hatches

The storm is coming and we are ready.

We think.

First, we went into the basement to retrieve a phone with a cord. The cords were in a ball.

The kids looked at the phone and said, "What is that?"

Candles. Batteries. Matches.

All the containers we could find to fill up with water. We will fill the tubs when we go to bed tonight. Hopefully no one will fall in when they use the bathroom during the night!

Lots of peanut butter. {gag} But it's better than starving.

A state of emergency will go into effect at 12:01AM, so church has been cancelled. I'm hoping we don't lose power, but it's quite possible that we will. If so, water and bathroom facilities will be the biggest issue for everyone in our area. We are on a well and won't have water if the power is out. Our neighborhood is on a community septic thingy and have been told not to flush more than twice even if we know how to pour water into the toilet to get it to flush. Ack! Eleven people+no potty= NOT GOOD.

But at least we will be dry, have peanut butter and are not in danger of losing our house.

If we don't lose power, I will post an update. If you don't hear from me, you can assume we have no power. I tried to figure out how to post from my phone but gave up in disgust. haha!


trustandobey said...

We had rain and wind but not much else here in Raleigh. However we did lose power for about 5 hours. Praying for a much weaker Irene that visits you. Take Care!
ps-How far are you from the coast?

Lori said...

Aaack! No electricity is bad enough...but no water? Horrible! I hope it's all on and functioning normally this morning.

We are feeling quite safe and sound here in feel free to load up the kids and come on over where you'll be free to flush frequently!

Kim K. said...

I'll be praying that Irene loses her steam. Please keep us posted.

Kristin Ferguson said...

I wish we were there. I love the excitement of an impending storm but our "Irene effects" were a bit disappointing. (Yes, you can add that to the list of what makes Kristin weird along with liking teenagers and doctor's visits). hahaha

Hope you guys bode well.

Sharon said...

Hope you guys are okay! Just now saw this. Hoping to hear something soon.

Gretchen said...

We have actually had the flushing issue in storms from the past. It is NO fun!!!!!

Difference2This1 said...

We were doing the same sorts of things yesterday too as we're in DE! :) I hated filling the tubs...I was worried our newest small boy could fall into it if his siblings forgot to shut the door if he accidently escaped our watch. Glad your family is doing well and power is still on. Our power is good too- so, so glad about that! Blessings, Jennifer

Ruby Mae said...

Been thinking of you all and praying that you are kept safe! Ruby Mae