Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Savoring Summer

We are down to our last few weeks before school starts after Labor Day and are savoring every minute. The weather has been gorgeous this week--no humidity! Seems like it's always humid here, so it's a treat to have the low humidity.

Jake decided he was going to learn to ride a two-wheeler this week. No clue why. His first day out with me holding the back of the bike was an unmitigated disaster.
Ok...that might be overstating it a bit. But I wanted to use the word unmitigated.

Let's just say, I didn't have much hope of him riding alone in the near future.

But the boy surprised me. Who knew?
And when Zoey saw that her little brother could do something she hadn't mastered....well....that was just not cool.

So Miss Spunky-pants decided to learn too. And don't bother helping her or holding the bike, thank you very much.

She struggled a bit because her prosthetic comes up over her knee which makes it pretty hard to bend enough to operate the pedals. She figured it out, though.

So....that left Kate...the oldest of the three. She demured. And then she decided to try it too. She is under strict orders from the doctor to wear protective gear because of the blood thinner she takes, so Zoey reminded her and helped her with her helmet.

Kate....well....can I used the phrase unmitigated disaster again? Probably not. My English comp teacher would be appalled at the overuse.

Anyway...Kate is trying but she hasn't figured out the balance yet. It might have something to do with her always wanting to find the camera and smile at Mommy. She couldn't seem to concentrate on the job at hand.

It's just as well because we have one bike for them to ride.
Don't judge.
Summer is almost over and we didn't know they were going to take a sudden interest in two-wheeling.
They are learning to take turns.
I'm learning to be patient with the constant, 'He's had it for a loooong time.' and 'No! She had it for a looooong time and took da bike away from me.'

Savor....savor...savor... Right?!

One very determined little girl!

Careening out of control...

"I'm an excellent driver."

Still putting his clothes on backwards. I find it endearing.

Zoey gets Kate ready to ride.

Big sister, Chloe, does her best to teach Kate to balance.

Meanwhile, Jordan and SaraGrace enjoy playing on the porch...bringing back memories of summer afternoons spent on the porch when I was a child.

Jillian gave the dog a bath--much to Ginger's chagrin. To cheer her up, Jake went and got her a spoonful of peanut butter.

"Jake! Did you take a bite before you brought this outside? Answer carefully because we see your teeth marks!"
"I seriously do not get this family's strange obsession with bathing."

"I lower my tail in protest and refuse your pathetic attempts to comfort me with peanut butter."

"Oh. Well, now that you cover it in leftover crumbs from your popcorn chicken, I relent in my decision to punish you."

Our kids have developed a new way to roller skate. They each wear one skate and push off with the other foot. They can go extremely fast, stay in control and twice as many kids can skate at the same time. Whatever works.... :)

Kate and Jordan came up with an exciting ride for their favorite 'friends.'

Put them each in a skate and....

push them down the hill! Wheeee!


Kim K. said...

Ok. I'm feeling guilty. We haven't pushed Josie to ride a bike on her own yet. Your kiddos are amazing. Enjoy every last second of your summer schedule. My Mr. Mom returns to his schools next week for meetings. I'd like summer to last a bit longer.

Vinnie's Warriors said...

We have gotten a Glide Bike for our daughter to teach her to balance. She LOVES it and does so well! I think she'll transition to a regular bike easily. You might check out Glide Bikes, Striders or one of the other gliding bikes!

Jo's Corner said...

I have been missing you! And, can I say that I'm just a bit envious that you get to hang out with all of those Cuties? Oh, they are Precious! That photo of Zoey helping Kate put on her "gear", was too sweet. They all really love each other, huh? Even when they have their moments! Give them all a big hug from me. And, tell them I'm proud of how they are riding a bike with NO training wheels! Hang in there, Kate. Practice makes perfect!! Hugs ~ Jo

trustandobey said...

You Pruntys have too much fun!!! Can't believe that summer is ending and school has started back. We can all come back up for air in May:(

Tracy said...

Hello My name is Tracy some mornings when I should be doing other things like housework or putting a wash load on , I sit and read my usual Blogs then I hit the next blog button and go on a wonderful mystery tour. Thats how I ended up at your wonderfull blogg

I am now going to look more deeply and see what I find
God Bless

Anonymous said...
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Ruby Mae said...

Seeing pictures of your kiddos always brightens my days! Happy that you are a camera nut and share with us.

Shelly said...

Smiling at your beautiful family!! My Jake always does the same thing (wearing his clothes backwards, that is!!). Our summer came to an end two weeks ago. Miss the carefree days with my kiddos already!! Enjoy.