Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Irene Update

I have a few minutes of Internet on an Internet card--before my computer battery gives out so I'm going to update the blog. :)

We are doing fine. We are still without power and reports don't sound encouraging for getting it back soon. The Police Department issued a statement saying, 'Power will not be restored in the short term. Plan accordingly."

Jeff says the Power Co. website says we will be getting it soon. I'm hoping Jeff's is more correct.

We emptied out the fridge and freezer today. Jeff grilled everything we thought was safe to eat but we lost a lot of food. Bummer!

Thankfully the weather has been beautiful since the storm passed by so we are doing okay without having air conditioning.

I would LOVE to get our toilets working, a shower, and the use of my hair dryer, but other than that, we can cope.
The hair dryer situation is grave. Don't laugh. You know you are cringing at the thought of not having yours. Admit it!
I had to take Molly to an eye appointment today (another Walmart--why do THEY always have power? They are not on generators. Hmmmm......) The lady there made a comment about her hair and having no power and I joined in with loud lamenting about how awful my hair looked. Hair dryers...we need them!

Every store that has power is completely out of ice, so we can't keep much in our coolers. I did score three bags at a little out of the way place tonight--Woohoo! That will keep our milk cold for cereal in the morning. Some of the gas stations were out of gas, but we have been able to find some in other locations.

The toilet situation is becoming comical--mostly because if we don't laugh we will barf. Each time we make a run for supplies at the nearest Walmart, I take several kids and we use the restrooms there. Ha! Who knew I would end up looking forward to using public restrooms at Walmart? :)

You just haven't lived until you help your kids poop in the backyard and dispose of it the same as we dispose of our doggie's poopy. Can I just say....GROSS?!?!?!?


There. That felt good.

And even grosser....my sister is law told us what her friend in Hurricane Country does when out of power. Drain toilet. Line with plastic garbage bag. Dump in kitty litter. Use at will.

Gross, huh?

Sadly....we were forced to do that. Don't hate me. I was desperate.

I wonder how we will convince the little boys that it is NOT okay to pee outside after this is over?

Yeah....just some random thoughts that flit through my mind.

In case you didn't fully understand our situation, here is the explanation. We have water (I incorrectly stated that we are on a well--brain cramp--we have city water). However, our neighborhood is on a community septic system. That means a pump carries 'stuff' to an offsite location. And the pump isn't working because there is no power. So that means that although we have water, we cannot put it down any of our drains. So no showers, no flushing toilets, etc. And if we disobey orders, we will end up with nasty stuff backing up into our house. Not good. Most people around here are not in our situation and can flush and take showers. Cold showers aren't really all that appealing however.

Jeff rigged up an outdoor shower today with the garden hose that just cracked me up. I doubt it will be so funny tomorrow when I am forced to use it. Ack. I am thankful to be married to an engineer, though.

Sadly, he has to go out of town on business tomorrow and the teen and I will have to hold down the fort. But do not fear...we have this whole going-without-power thing down.
Sort of.

I tried to load a photo but this connection is too slow and pictures are just going to have to wait until we get power.


Kim K. said...

You have my complete sympathy. The whole thing sounds just awful. You are one brave lady and I'm guessing you will be ready to not dwell on potty talk in the near future. HUGS!

Cari said...

sheesh Karin...i think you really need a reality show now with camera's following you around. Now that would be some good tv viewing...lol.

seriously though i hope power is restored very very soon.

Adrienne in Ohio said...

I just can't even imagine! At least you are finding the humor in it. Praying your power comes on sooner rather than later!

Stefanie said...

Ewww. Seriously, I am just cringing for all you're having to endure right now, Karin!!
Wanted to mention that my friend told me today that she called her insurance company to tell them they lost power and lost all their frozen and refrigerated food, and they deposited $500 into their account, just like that!
Might be worth a try :)

:)De said...

Now see... I was going to suggest the bag in the toilet with kitty litter but thought you would cancel me as a follower. LOL! Praying for you all.


Kimberlie said...

I think the bag in the toilet with kitty litter is brilliant. I mean, it beats having to use a pooper-scooper outside. Plus, Walmart is unlikely to run out of kitty litter. :)

Sorry, I know I am no help. The blow dryer thing really is a huge bummer. I hope you get your power back faster than the police are saying!!!

bringingvincenthome said...

Praying you all get power soon! I'm so glad you can find some humor in it - I'm cringing, too, just reading about it, yet you make it sound hilarious. :)

Valerie and Jeff said...

Hang in there! You have my total empathy as I have been there with the no water/no toilet issue as we live in the country and have our own well and septic. A nasty storm this summer put us in a similar spot. (Although not as many people live here!) --Also, yes, your insurance should cover the loss of the food in your freezer and fridge so photograph it and tally it!
Love that your husband is an engineer, mine is too ... I can totally see him rigging up a backyard shower, hahaha!
Hope you get power back SOON!

Jean said...

Oh My - I can't imagine... I don't even like to camp!

You poor thing, with a family your size this must be very challenging!!

Definitely keep your sense of humor close by! All the stories you will have will make it worth it! (maybe!)

Saying prayers for your power to be restored!!

Kristin Ferguson said...

Are you still in 'excitement' mode or has that feeling long passed? Your kids will have awesome memories from this power outage and it sounds like you're keeping your sense of humor about it. Still, I'll be praying that power comes back sooner than later!
P.S. When Hurricane Fran came through here and we lost power and couldn't use toilets, I was 9 months pregnant and peeing every 5 min. so that was kind of 'exciting' too! :)

Gretchen said...

I think that he is going out of town just so he can take a HOT shower and flush the toilet at will ;) Hang in there!

Sharon said...

Karin, this is beyond pitiful! I read this and have to laugh, but I know it's definitely NOT funny! Hope your power is on again SOON!!!

trustandobey said...

Let's all just take a moment and praise God that we are living in the days where electricity is readily available to all. I, for one, would not have done well with no power, toilets outside somewhere and perpetually cold showers... Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
ps-hope yours is back sooner than later!