Wednesday, August 03, 2011

There is life after the microwave dies

I found out an interesting fact.

There is life after the microwave dies. Even if you have 9 children at home.

Ours quit a little over a week ago. {Gasp!}

How would we cope? How would we heat up left-overs?

It made us dig back into our memory banks, say, oh.... about 25 years ago. What DID we do back in the day?

Apparently, we heated things ON THE STOVE in a pan or something.

Who knew?

Jeff began to reminisce about the first microwave he bought for me when we were newly married.

I had no idea what to do with it.

He was a bit put out. He had bought this amazing gift and his wife was not as thrilled as he thought she would be.

You see...his family always had the new techy stuff. They had a microwave back when they made them with dials instead of push buttons. I bet you didn't know they were ever made that way, did you?

And my family? Well...we just were kind of late to the game when it came to high tech gadgets. Our one exception was the uber cool Eight-Track tape player that came in one of our cars.

We were so hip with that one.

So...back to the microwave... After getting my first one, it took me years to get the hang of it (I inherited the lack-o-techy gene).

But now....I am ninja with it {cough} and I didn't know if I could go back.

I'm happy to say that we DID figure out how to heat up some of our food on the stove. So maybe we should see how long we can go before we get our microwave fixed.



Angie said...

Whoa...that's almost enough to make me break out in hives! Pans to reheat?? Oh, yeah...

Kim K. said...

Microwaves and dishwashers are absolutely essential in my world! I seriously can't imagine the amount of dishes you must go through at your house with all your kiddos. Heating stuff on the stove would create even MORE dishes. Eek! I loath kitchen clean-up. I'm definitely spoiled with modern appliances.

Kristin Ferguson said...

Mac and Cheese can definitely be made on the stove so you're in good shape! hahahahaha

My Aunt Sandy STILL doesn't own a microwave and I'm always wondering how she does without one. yikes.

Gretchen said...

I remember our first microwave when I was akid...Magic Chef! It had dials ;)

trustandobey said...

The microwave is a marvelous invention but it still cannot cook bacon worth a dang. I say go get a new one!
ps-Thanks for the FB heads up , btw!