Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Random Family Update

We are in wedding countdown....less than two weeks to go. Can't wait to make the 14 hour trip with nine kids {cough, cough}.

We have not heard anything yet from the doctors at Boston Children's about the possibility of Kate having heart surgery.

Molly had a birthday last week. The years are just flying by and my babies are growing up. {sob}

Jillian decorated the cake--which is why it looks so cute.
Jillian and Molly

The girls had friends over yesterday and decided to do a lemonade stand. I had my doubts that they would sell much but they stayed out there all day and made around $8. They were so thrilled.

And a Miss Zoey pro-other leg update...
Her leg is holding up well. We went to the beach on Father's Day (and I forgot my camera...gah!). Her leg held up well, although got pretty heavy once wet because she has to wear two pair of heavy socks inside it to keep it on. {Her leg continues to atrophy and when the current prosthetic gets too loose, she will get another one. For now, she is wearing two socks instead of one.} She took it off part way through the afternoon. I think someone should come up with some cool-max socks that don't get heavy when they are wet! Maybe I will suggest that next time we are at Shriners.

Today she was roller skating. I think you would have to look close to notice she has an artificial leg! Go Zoey!!


Kim K. said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet Molly. You have so many exciting things going on at your house. I can't wait to see wedding pics. I'm continually amazed at everything Zoey has conquered. Go girl GO!!

Lori said...

GREAT update! Your girls are so adorable. I have always LOVED the name Molly. Not sure why I didn't name one of my girls that.

Have fun driving to the wedding! 14 hours with 9 kid...or was it 9 hours with 14 kids?! LOL Either way...eck!

Thanks for your encouraging words today. You're a treasure!

Holly said...

happy belated bday Molly! The wedding will be beautiful...and you can do it....bring duct tape for the children :) kidding, kidding. (maybe!) Go Zoey go!! AMAZING!!!

Jennifer said...

Zoey is amazing. You go girl.

Kristin Ferguson said...

Snacks, snacks, and more snacks. The best way to keep kids happy on a long road trip. (But save the chocolate for yourself and Jeff!)

What about soccer socks that are made to dry faster?

Jo's Corner said...

I didn't think you could wear your prosthesis in the water. It doesn't do anything to the leg part? Funny, brave , sweet little girl! Oh, happy Birthday, Miss Molly! The wedding is only 2 weeks away??? How exciting! Pictures will be coming,I'm sure. Can't wait to see them!
(In response to your question: I'm doing pretty good.) Hugs to You, My Friend ~ Jo

Sharon said...

Happy Belated Birthday Molly! Such a pretty girl. Zoey continues to amaze me. She is such a great inspiration to others. Love the pictures! :)

James, Dawn and Family said...

WOW-life is never boring huh. Zoey warms my heart. She totally takes the word "special" needs to a whole new level. You need to write a story about her spirit!

Chris said...

Zoey, I will have to show Joseph that picture. We haven't let him up on skates yet...esp now with his arm in pins...wonder how it works w/ two pro-other legs?