Saturday, June 18, 2011

The "Doors of Israel" photo

doors of Israel_copyright

I have had several requests from people wanting to purchase a copy of the "Doors of Israel" print. I am working on making that available. My main problem is that the template I used to make it will only enlarge to about 11x14. I am trying to find a template that would allow me to make a bigger one but I'm not sure what size is of interest. If you are interested in a print, can you please leave a comment or email me the size you would like? (No obligation to purchase--just gives me an idea of the size that would interest everyone.)

Thank you!! I will offer it soon and 30 percent of the proceeds will go to help the babies at Morning Star Foundation.


Lori said...

I'm thinking that an 8x10 would be great...I would likely put it in a big chunky frame.

I'm interested, for sure! I would love one for my house and my MIL would love it as well...I might get it as a gift for her.


Jennifer said...

I would love a print for my daughter who also has a thing for doors and has photographed them from Haiti to Mali and back again. Size? I'm not the photographer. Whatever you think is best.

Anonymous said...

I love this photo...8x10 would work for me. Any size I could easily find a frame for...your header is beautiful!

trustandobey said...

Awesome!!! Love it!!

Kimberlie said...

Wow! 16x20 would be awesome but 11x14 would work for me too. I love that photo!

Waitingfaithfully said...

Me! Me! Me! I love this photo Karin, and I love that it will help the babies at Morning Star! An 8x10 or 11x14 would be great!

Beautiful work!



Jennifer said...

I checked in with the photographer. I couldn't keep a secret. She oohed and awed. She would love an 11X14.


Jo's Corner said...

The bigger, the better! This is a photo that needs to be the center of attention in any room! : )

Brandee said...

I love that photo! I think 16x20 would be great~ although 11x14 is a good size to start with (wink, wink).