Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our first day of Summer Vacation

School's out....let the fun begin!

Jake started things off yesterday with a bit of body noise humor.
Of course.
He's a boy.
It's to be expected.

This activity should be done with adult supervision.
Not because it's dangerous.
It's just that the kids want the adults to admire their talent.
Said activity is inexpensive and will provide hours of entertainment.

The first thing you need is a straw.
Insert straw into your armpit
Be sure placement is correct. Straw must be inserted directly in armpit.
Close arm over straw. Blow.
Blow really hard.
Success!! A loud sound will be emitted that closely resembles a toot. Or to put it more delicately, a sound that resembles a whoopie cushion.
Next, Jordan gave it a try.
As did Zoey.
Jordan pretended to be riding a motorcycle. See? The possibilities are endless.
Zoey cannot make it work. What's up with that?
Jordan and Jake are all business. This is serious, guys.
Shortly thereafter, I heard this comment,
"MOM! Our armpits are all wet!"
Re-inserting the straw in the proper location.
Kate came to the fray late but with little success.

The male species must be genetically predisposed for outstanding ability in this area.

As for the older girls, they played school all day and lamented that fact that they were on vacation. I'm guessing that this is something unique to the female species.

I don't know where that leaves me, because neither activity sounded enticing. I spent the day in the basement going through boxes. Sorting, decluttering and throwing things away.


Ressa said...

I love this post! I am considering teaching this to my children now. I think some of my girls may like it better than the boys!


Angie said...

Ah, yes. And this is only the first day. Think of all the amusement yet to be had! I've been decluttering, too. Seems like I'm always trying to declutter something...or someone...

trustandobey said...

Oh good!!! Now that the kids are out, refresh my memory and remind me what week you penciled us in for this summer??? Our bags are packed! Cannot wait to taste some of that good ole Karin Prunty homecookin:)

Kimberlie said...

Well, I will have to experiment. I have three boys and one girl. We'll see if this is really a genetic talent that only the male of our species carries.

I just laugh when I think that you just started summer vacation YESTERDAY. We are in our third week here in the south. :)

Kim K. said...

Your posts always bring a HUGE smile to my face. Have a lovely summer. Thinking of the fun and adventures ahead....especially with Jake!!!

Laura said...

And if this isn't the best way to describe that man and women were created differently then I don't know what else you could say!

Cari said...

lol...my boys LOVE the straw trick even at their ages now, unfortunately for them, we are currently out of straws! I always played school during the summer when I was younger, too, but after having children I changed my mind about wanting to be a teacher. {ha}

nanonano18 said...

delighted if a child is still innocent, still acting funny