Friday, June 24, 2011

From a hotel deep in the heart of New York....

I'm sit-ting in the bath-room.

It's the only available seat with a light because everyone else is in bed {supposed to be sleeping}. The things we do to blog.

We are in upstate New York and will continue our 14 hour trek tomorrow. So far the kids have done well.

I could have done without the pouring rain that made it next to impossible to see at night.
Behind my husband's van.
It's not his fault that his vehicle created a ton of moisture behind the wheels that made it seem like I was driving through thick fog.
Or that I felt he was driving too fast for the conditions.
Because his conditions were not the same as mine.
{In other words...he could see the road.}
Not sure why I don't like driving 75 mph at night in the rain when I can't see the road. I'm just weird like that.

But we arrived safely--thankfully. My girls were praying in the backseat.

No pictures tonight. I'm just {not} that good.
Although it might have been entertaining to get a shot of Kate who wiped out in the rain soaked parking lot after I told her to make sure she didn't drag her blankie and get it wet. {Sigh}
It's wet.
There isn't a puddle in front of the curb anymore, though since Kate's blanket soaked that up. But hey... Kate eliminated the possibility of Jake falling into it. So it was a good thing.

We are so excited to be seeing Ryan tomorrow night!! And Dani, too! The little kids ask 10 times a day when they will see Ryan and 'Daniel."
Sorry, Dani...they just can't get it right.
And of course we are super excited to be seeing Grandma and Grandpa, siblings, cousins....ahhhh. Can't wait!! Jeff's parents and siblings will be arriving next week and we are so excited to be getting to see them, too.
People should get married more often.
Just sayin.'

Well, I better join my crew in getting some shut-eye or I will not be able to stay awake driving tomorrow.
And anyway, this toilet seat is getting hard. {I put the lid down--don't get grossed out.}

Just to clarify....the wedding is not this's next weekend. We are going a week early to visit and help out.


Kim K. said...

Safe travels for the rest of your journey. I promise to get caught up when we get back home from our vacation. Take lots and lots of pictures!!

Lori said...

Oh, you crazy, crazy nut.

You didn't mention that you had little people knocking on the door continuously while you sat there blogging...? I assume Jeff is a super husband that intervened...or they were asleep.

I look forward to all your posts this will no doubt have some fun stuff to report to us.

I'll try to call ya today!

Dianne said...

Have I told you lately, that I JUST LOVE YOU!!!???
And I can't wait to see you next week :))))))))))))))))))
Have a great trip, I'm sure it will be quite the adventure! And I will be Praying for better weather for you today! See you soon fwiend!

Holly said...

you are hilarious girl! so how did you get all those wet clothes dry in time to pack?!

trustandobey said...

I nominate you for" blogger of the year" award for your dedication and perseverance! Hope the rest of the trip is dry and clear!