Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter Wonderland and Shriners

We had a long day but the kids are in bed now and I'm trying to relax. Yeah...right.

The kids had a one hour delay which was going to make us late for Shriners but when I called they wanted us to come anyway.

When we pulled out onto the road, we were amazed at the beauty. Oh my was like being in a winter wonderland! I know I have talked about the beauty here, but it's definitely the prettiest place I have ever lived. I had my camera and I took photo after photo--each bend in the road seemed to bring a more beautiful scene than the next! It was seriously breathtaking. I know the camera doesn't do it justice, but I want to share some of the photos with you anyway. The quality isn't the greatest because they were all shot through my dirty windshield. I kept using my washer fluid but then some car would pull in front of me and get it all filthy again. How rude!

And then we arrived at Shriners...

Today is the day that Zoey was able to try her new leg! It's not completely done, but it's getting there.

We were supposed to bring both of her shoes today since she was going to try out the leg. In the mad rush to get out the door, I forgot it.
Parenting fail.
This was Zoey's reaction when I asked her if she was excited to try out her new leg. She was a combination of fear and excitement.

The first fitting was without the foot attached. First a white sock goes on then a liner, then a knee-high panty-hose to help with friction...and finally, the leg itself.

Her new leg was measured next to her other one and we were sent to the playroom while the foot was attached at the perfect height.

And was ready.
She's up!
{They had to provide the shoes--and then told us to keep them. Now I have guilt.}

She takes her first tentative steps with Mama, Jake and Kate offering encouraging words behind her.

Now she tries it alone, without holding onto anything!

A look at herself in the mirror...

Big smiles that she is walking on her own!

We were then sent to walk around the hospital so that she could be checked for any places her leg might start to rub. Within fifteen minutes, she was trying to run.
She's a maniac.

I cannot express how amazing it was to see her standing on two legs that are the same length! Since the day she was born, that has never been the case.
If I was a crying kinda girl, I would have cried.

But I'm not. So I didn't.

But I could have.

Just sayin...

We were not expecting to take the new leg home today, but they decided we should so that she could wear it and they could adjust it better next week. Unfortunately, we will have to leave it there next week. I don't think she will like that too much. I think we can go back the following week to get it.

She also decided she wanted the 'skin' look and we are just going to have one flower put on above the ankle. A good compromise.

She couldn't wait to show her siblings but that moment was rather shattered by the fact that Kate got carsick about five minutes from home and threw up all over herself, her carseat, etc.


It was one of those days. You know the kind. The kind that make you want to run away.

{More} parenting fail.

She did finally get her moment...after I cleaned up the barf and calmed down.
She wore her leg for most of the evening, but wanted to take it off when it started to rub a bit. A little while later, I was happy to see that she had it back on again--had put everything on by herself--and seemed to be getting very attached to it.

She didn't want to take it off and announced she was wearing it to bed. Mama had to be the killjoy and make her take it off.


Laurie said...

What sweet pictures of your baby girl. I cried to see it myself. Beautiful scenery pics as well. Awesome photographer you are!

hartelijk said...

i followed your hole "leg"story and i'm amazed, what a wonderfull girl you have there, what a wonderfull mom she has ( yeah YOU!)
thanks for sharing, and no guilt allowed, you're human!
bring them a pair of sneakers so they can hand out to another mom that will forget in the future...
love your beautifuul family!
Adriana (holland)

Kim K. said...

A tissue alert (for the crybaby in me) was needed at the top of this post. I'm just so thrilled to see Zoey with her new leg. She continues to inspire! Beautiful scenery pics. West MI really has missed out on all the big storms this year. Your pics are just gorgeous. Have a splendid weekend with your kiddos!

Angie said...

Awesome!!! Very, very exciting to see her up and walking...and trying to run already on her new leg. She amazes me every step of the way.'ll be chasing your siblings around the house and out in the snow in no time. Probably today!

Lori said...

That girl is totally amazing. Can you imagine how much you or I would whine and carry on about the whole ordeal?

What a blessing that she is so enthusiastic!

Sean and Lisa said...

She is one amazing, brave little girl! I just love her zeal for life. She ain't gonna let not having a leg slow her down, and now she isn't going to let learning to use a new one slow her down. You go girl!!
This may be a stupid question but I'm guessing the pros leg is light? It looks like it would be heavy. So will she have to go every year to have a new one made until she stops growing?

BTW, since you're not a crying girl and I so am...I cried for you over that sweet girl standing up on her new leg!!! :)
Much love!

sara said...

oh my word, this was such an amazing post!!!! I just smiled and smiled through the whole thing....well, except for the barf!

trustandobey said...

Wow! How neat for her to stand on 2 level legs!!! Praise God for medical technology that can change a life!
(Sorry about Kate throwing up in the car. That can put a damper on anything!)

Chad and Kristy said...

Just Precious!

Sharon said...

Oh Karin, my day started out so crappy, but after seeing Zoey looking so happy and confident with her new leg, it totally changed my outlook on today. Love the scenery pictures also...beautiful!!!

James, Dawn and Family said...

I had one of those days yesterday. We are soo proud of Zoey. I knew in my heart she would do well but it's wonderful to see. She makes me miss my pre-mommy job (not enough to go back though). I love it!

Gayle said...

YOU GO GIRL!! Oh my goodness, Zoey, your legs are beautiful! We haven't ever met, but you make me smile!!

Anonymous said...

Being a Mom is a doubt...and wow you've got several little challengers (challengees???) I'm so happy for Zoey...nothing keeps her down! Prayers answered...prayers continue for her, you and family. The scenery pics are beautiful...winter wonderland!

RamblingMother said...

how awesome and happy she looks!

Cindy said...

Beautiful day!
Amazing Zoey!
Awesome Mama!
Poor Kate, yuck.
And did I mention Amazing Zoey? She rocks, thanks for sharing the day!

Kimberlie said...

Well, I am the crying kind and I cried. How incredibly beautiful that look she had when she saw herself with her new leg. What an amazing little girl you have. What a joy!

Christine said...

Yeah! Love th pics! Oru son wears leg braces and whenhe first walked it was amazing!

Ally said...

I see you all got the snow that we missed. I am totally okay with that now, no hard feelings. ha ha
What a sweet young lady you have there. So brave! She is sure to keep a mama smiling :)

Lynsay said...

Ok, so I started laughing a little bit when I got to the part about you was crying. Haha.

Quickly wiped away the tears and loved all the pics! Yeah Zoe!

saigon said...

glad that she accepted the spare leg. and hope that shell grow fond of it. it shall become a part of her.

Adeye said...

Oh my goodness, friend, those pics absolutely brought tears to my eyes. They are sooooo amazing. Incredible, really. What a JOY to see your angel doing so well. She is one tough little girl, that's for sure. I am so happy for her.


Shelley said...

So those of us who ARE the crying type will just cry for you!! I guess I would have been a real mess if I had been there! Run Zoey, run!!! Thanks for sharing with us. What an amazing daughter you have.

tinacd said...

This is so awesome! Can't wait to see what God has in store for this amazing little girl. Good job Zoey!

Holly said...

What a great post!! Love it!!

Tami said...

She's doing GREAT!!!
Yeah for Zoey:-)!!

Holly said...

I love you Karin :) You have a heart of gold and you are REAL.
Sweet baby girl of yours looks like big stuff with that new leg :) Thank you God for everything You've done!

Gretchen said...

She looks so happy. She has always been such a trooper. You are a very blessed Momma.