Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day!!

Oh yeah, baby.

We woke up to a foot of snow. And it was still snowing. And blowing.

The kids couldn't wait to get out in it.

The dog went first and didn't last long. It's kind of hard to pee-pee when the snow goes up over your head. Just sayin...
Our windows were so covered that we couldn't see out

I had to open the sliding glass door to get this shot. Our deck looked amazing

The kids thought it was very funny to see their swings sitting on snow.

The kids headed out but the littler ones suddenly noticed that the snow was up to the top of their thighs.

"Look out world! I'm goin' in!"

At that point, I made a decision that Zoey was not going to be able to navigate the snow. It was just too deep for her. She couldn't hop in it...she couldn't walk in it...she couldn't crawl in it.

So, even though she was all dressed and ready, I had to tell her that she was going to have to come inside with me.

She started to howl.
And sob.

And my heart hurt.

So I asked you REALLY want to try it?

She did.

Well, who am I to say what she can't do?

She stood here for a bit...hesitating and unsure how to proceed.

And she went.

I thought when the snow went up her sleeves, she would turn back. But no...

She crawled around the side of the garage to where the other kids were. I heard her shout, "HI GUYS!"

Jordan contemplates eating a table-full of snow.

Zoey is still hanging in there!

Kate is all smiles--although her face looks a little frozen.

Molly...are you in there?

Still going strong...

Jillian is looking very fashionable

Finally starting to feel the cold but too stubborn to go inside

"See? I can still smile."

Chloe tries to blow the 'snowflake' off her hat.

The teen revs up the snowblower.

Snowblower fail.

The kids sit on a snowbank to watch their big brother move snow.

The little kids had a tough time getting off the snowbank.
Notice that Zoey has lost that lovin' feeling with the snow.

When Zoey decided to go in, Jake was going to follow but said,
"Actually...I'm not. I'm staying out."
{'Actually' is the little kids' new word.}

So Jillian put a flowered scarf on him and he was good for a few more minutes.

Finally, tired of the driving wind and snow, we headed indoors. While the little kids watched a video, some of us spent the afternoon doing this...

We are hoping for another snow day tomorrow, but so far, we only have a one-hour delay. What a rip!

Zoey is supposed to go back to Shriners in the morning, but that is not going to work with the school delay, so we will have to reschedule.

Just as I was about to post this, Taylor came to tell me that I might want to go check out the kitchen sink.
His devious grin warned me that he was up to no good.
Amazing the amount of ingenuity and motivation it took to fill the sink with snow. We're letting it sit there until morning to see if it melts by then.
He makes me smile.


trustandobey said...

Looks like you have a few options for IHF's "winter wonderland" week.
Forgot that when New England does snow, it does it in a big big way! That much snow would close NC for a week or more.Enjoy!
ps-If the snow in the sink is still there in the morning, make snow cream. Think how much money you will save on ice cream:)
pss-Randy linked to you on LinkedIn.

Holly said...

So much fun!! May I ask, what setting do you have on your camera for those awesome snow pictures? My snowy pictures never turn out quite so great.

Karin said...

Holly, I shoot in manual and had the white balance set for shade. ISO was 100, and not sure of shutter speed. My aparature was 2.2.

Anonymous said...

way to go Zoey and siblings...I mean it's snow...gotta play in it...right?
Karin your yard is beautiful...was beautiful! before the snow elves! It appears you have the perfect snow for snowcream...yum, yum

Lori said...

Oh my word, what FUN!! Seriously.

Although I can't imagine how many wet gloves, scarves, socks, etc., etc., you must have had. ACTUALLY, just the fact that you could find all that for everyone to wear is impressive.

I declare you, Mom of the Year.

You reward is...well, your children are your reward.


Angie said...

Whoa! You guys go a LOT of snow over there! I'm sure the kids had a blast. Good for Zoey for giving it her best, and're too funny! Maybe mom will serve you some of that snow for breakfast!

Kim K. said...

Your snow is just amazing. Although we have snow, West MI is just missing all the big storms and Emma has been coveting a snow day like crazy. Great pics. You'll have to keep us posted on long it took to have the snow melt. Hugs!

PS. Surgery for Chris's mom right leg is Friday. It's phase 1.

Kristin Ferguson said...

Taylor, my hero! And a crafty one at that too--perfect combination! Give him a hug for me! I know he misses me something awful!

Glad you got a nice snowstorm up there--you were overdue! Still hoping we get another one like that before the 'season' is over!

Sharon said...

LOVE the pictures! Looks like you guys had a good time on your snow day. Emma absolutely loves the snow. The more the better!!!

Difference2This1 said...

You have amazing kids. What a blessing each and every one of them :) So glad they enjoyed their "snow day". God bless, Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Our snow has closed us down for the week!!! now that is a snow! So beautiful. Just glad it didn't do that when I was there :)

Jean said...

That looks like fun! So glad Zoey could get out and enjoy the snow even if she only enjoyed it for awhile!

We always get gypped out of snow daze too. The equipment is just too good. Glad you all got to enjoy the day at home!!

You are a fun Mom!!