Thursday, January 27, 2011

Let it {not} Snow!

Last night we got another foot of snow.

We already had two feet on the ground, so if you are really good at math you will have already figured out that we now have three feet.

School was cancelled and it wasn't long before the kids asked to go out and play in the snow.
I tried to warn them.
The little kids could barely move in two feet of snow last week but now they wanted to try three.

Thankfully, when they step down into the snow, they don't sink all the way down to the ground. The snow does pack down and keeps them up. Somewhat.

But when you have three feet of snow and you're only three feet tall, there is bound to be a problem.
Jake tries to walk up the hill in our back yard.

Is it me or is the snow up to his thigh?

Does this struggle look like fun?

Uhhhh.....starting to falter

He laid there like a slug, gathering the strength to push on.

Must. Get. Up. Must. Get. Up.

"I should have listened to my mom and stayed indoors today."

Zoey found that crawling was a bit better since you don't sink as far if you fan yourself out.

"Hmmmm...this idea seems to have been badly executed.

OK, ya'll...this is nuts! I know it's hard to see but our deck chairs are covered in snow past the seats!


Anonymous said...

Kids have to find out for're a super Mom for letting them try!

Kim K. said...

If anything, maybe it tires them out a little bit??? I still can't get over your snow. Your pictures are amazing. We have another 5 inches on the way this evening and Emma is hoping for theater practice to get canceled on Saturday.

PS. I posted felt Chinese play food on the blog yesterday. I can totally see your girls getting into this craft. They could use needle and thread instead of the glue gun.

Lori said...

They look like they're climbing Everest. Crazy kids!

Don't they have any nice quiet board games to play INSIDE...where there is NOT 3 feet of snow?
Crazy kids!


sara said...

stinks to be you!! :)

we are supposed to hit 60 to day and quite possibly 70 tomorrow.

I know...I'm mean. hee hee!

trustandobey said...

Umm...all I can think to say is brrrr. The most snow I can remember is just under 2 feet and it closed NC for a week. Stay warm:)
ps-Thanks for the critique of the website. Yes, we(Randy) did it and there are some issues but it will do for now.I will send you some suggestions on getting your together.

Jean said...

You have gotten so much snow this winter! You must be setting some records!!

Nothing like natural consequences to teach a good lesson! But- it does look like fun!!

Kristin Ferguson said...

Stop Rubbing It In! I want all of that snow down here in NC!!! I almost drove up to PA to my parents' because they too have gotten quite a dumping the last few days. Lucky Ducks!!!

Shelly said...

Love it! The pictures are beautiful. How fun...what adventurous kiddos...

Gretchen said...

Way too much snow for me.

Glad to see Zoey sporting her new appendage. It looks great. I love that smile too.