Wednesday, January 05, 2011

What in the world? usual, after eating Christmas cookies and other yummy seasonal treats, my jeans have shrunk.

And as usual, I decided that I needed to do some exercise so they will fit again.

This year I actually went beyond thinking about it and got to work. I snuck off to my room to try to avoid an audience. Alas...the kids' radar signaling Mom-has-left-our-space went off. Since my kids won't even let me use the bathroom alone, they quickly gathered to watch the spectacle.

"Mom! WHAT are you doing?" they asked incredulously.

It's like they have never seen anyone exercise before.


I tried to sneak away tonight but they crowded around, trying to mimic my every move and collapsing in gales of laughter.

It doesn't do a lot for a girl's confidence, I tell ya!


Mom to 4 bugs said...

Hi Karin,
I stalk your blog sometimes through my dear dear friend Tina's blog @ One Blessed Nest. We were neighbors waiting for our daughters together til we moved to Japan. Well, now, we live in Korea. I remember your past posts about your son graduating from basic training, but I didn't read I guess that he came to Korea. Small World! It's very very cold here right now, but the sun is shining and it's a beautiful day! Hope your day is beautiful as well.

Lori said...

OK, this is the most hilarious thing I've read all day. And I can SO relate. Good heavens, do these children having nothing better to do with their time? Don't they have lives of their own? Places to go, people to see?

I say just buy bigger jeans. :)

Jean said...

hahahahaha- okay okay- I'm not laughing at you but at how cute your kids are - you believe that... right!? Good, good, good!

Funny thing is my jeans have shrunk too- must be something in the water!

Kim K. said...

I always enjoy your honesty. I'm so tired of having an audience when I'm on the stair stepper. I've even resorted to watching Nick Jr during my workout so that Josie's eyes are focused on the tv rather than my butt. Hugs!!

Kristi said...

Now I have to admit to being curious what form of exercise was causing giggle fits.
And I'm sure that my jeans shrunk in the dryer...

Kimberlie said...

When you figure out how to get rid of your entourage let me know. It's a bit embarrassing having my kids tell me it's a good thing I am exercising because I am so fat and my tummy needs to get smaller. Seriously, they kill me. Where's the love???

Go to Ch*na. My jeans got bigger there. Of course, as a result you will probably spend a lot of time looking for a bathroom with that one handicapped stall with the western toilet. My tummy still isn't 100% right. ;p

Angie said...

That's why I don't bother exercising...somebody's body or feelings is bound to get hurt. Just not worth the risk...ahem...Now where are the rest of those Christmas cookies...

trustandobey said...

My treadmill is in the basement. My youngest 2 ride their bikes around and around me while I walk. I cannot even look at them for fear of getting dizzy, falling off and then getting run over (twice)!!! Oh well...I am off to exercise.

Updated by Lila Huggins (grandmother) said...

I believe God led me to your blog yesterday! I'm a "young" granma of 10. I was told by ny Dr. to spend the next two days with my leg and fake knee elevated. Boring!
I don't even know how I found your blog but I'm sure glad I did!! I read about 30 blogs a day on adoption so I probably clicked on you from one of those! So glad I did! Thank you God!
I believe with all my heart that you should write a book! (Hey, Pioneer Woman did it twice!)
You are so funny with your cute captions of the kids. You are faith-strengthening! You're warm-hearted, lovely, and take beautiful pictures. I have spent the last two days going to the beginning of your blog and reading straight through! I loved every minute of it and was sad when I finished reading about 30 minutes ago. I'm sorry but this grandma has fallen in love with your kids!! Oh my! They are awesome! I laughed myself silly when I saw the picture of Jake in that black ballerina outfit! My hubby of 40 years thought I had finally lost it! HaHa

I will be a daily reader and will patiently wait while you write that book, in your "spare" time. Funny!

Much love to your family and prayers for your son in the army!!
God Bless You!

Miss Lila in Atlanta

Steve Finnell said...

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Tesseraemum said...

Seriously!! The exercising is not happening here though! My kids find me in the bathroom and in the tub! They are really good at making a nice relaxing time into a critique of the bumps and stretch marks that I'm TRYING to ignore!

Anonymous said...

Well, bravo to you for exercising anyway...and what a good role model you are!

Pierro said...

we just found your bloggie and think it is a wonderful thing to discover a happy family that needs to check on their mommy to make sure she does not faint from the exercises.
Our mom puts on fun music (pandora on the tv, or there are a few tv channels with random fun dance tunes) and she dances and dances and DANCES. It is good exercise too, and we love to watch and sometimes she picks us up and dances with us.
You should try it!! I think your family will see what a great dancer you are and then they will want to dance too!