Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Sweet little girl needs a home

When Zoey was having surgery, we met an adorable little girl from China who was learning to walk on two prosthetic legs. Zoey and I were totally smitten with her--she was four years old and so cute and spunky.

Last week when we returned to get Zoey's cast removed, the same little girl was there again. She was making good progress using her two new legs.

She made me think of another little girl who is still in China who I have seen featured on many blogs. She is in great need of a family. The agency who has her file has named her 'Bree.' She is four years old {today!} and has two legs with congenital defects. She will most likely need a double amputation and faces a very bleak future in China.

She looks so sweet! And she needs a family! Could it be yours?

She is listed with WASATCH adoptions.


Sylvia said...

Hi, I saw your post and was able to find Bree and email for more information about her. She is adorable. We would need a few waivers so PLEASE pray for us. We have 3 adopted children so far, 1 kinship and 2 from foster care.

Angie said...

Oh, if we could only bring two little ones home with us in a couple weeks...she's only a week older than Jenna.

Kristin Ferguson said...

Slooooowly making my way back into blogland. I've loved reading all your posts just haven't taken the time to comment. I especially liked the sledding photos of that lady in PJ's!

Happy New Year! Off to start school.

trustandobey said...

Hi Karen,
I have seen her on the lists too. Beautiful little girl! Wonderful of you to bring her to everyone's attention.

Adeye said...

Oh my heart, friend, she is just absolutely adorable. I cannot understand why in the world someone has not gone to get her????? Why????

Breaks my heart. Why can't we just go and get them all?


Jean said...

I did respond last night BUT this crazy internet would not post it- ugh...

I think she is adorable and she has been on my mind all day.

Praying her family finds here quickly!