Saturday, September 27, 2008

Froggy II

SaraGrace befriended another froggy. While her sisters cower and gasp, SaraGrace remains unafraid and doesn't get grossed out by slimy frog bodies.

Froggy II had some talents that Froggy I did not possess.

He was an excellent driver,

with a perfect driving record.

He flew fighter planes fearlessly.

He was adored and carried in a baby carrier.

Sadly, he met an untimely demise, an apparent victim of an accidental fall from a plane. SaraGrace cried real tears and in an effort to comfort her, big sister Molly made a little gravestone. Biggest sister, Jillian, dug a small grave and buried froggy. Molly said a prayer over him and they all sprinkled flowers over froggy's grave.

"Bye-bye, little friend."

Perhaps we should switch to stuffed froggy friends.

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The music was too sappy for me.