Monday, September 22, 2008

Helping God

I have lots of little helpers at my house. They are so eager to help when they aren't all that useful. There are so many times when they offer to 'help' and I groan inside because I know it's going to make my task take twice as long.

It got me wondering... Does God feel this way when I eagerly offer Him my 'help?' Perhaps He smiles but also knows that having me 'help' Him means that it will take Him a lot longer to accomplish His purposes than if He just did the job Himself. He doesn't really need my help, but He LETS me help Him.

Maybe He lets me help Him for the same reasons I let my kids help me. It's good for them. They are happy when they are doing something to help me. They feel useful. It teaches them to give of themselves to help someone else. They learn to do new things and they grow from it.

I do get some benefit out of it. It makes me happy to see the smiles of satisfaction on their little faces when they are finished. They love to hear me say, "You did such a great job!" We both end up feeling good.

How many times have I 'helped' God and then felt that He owed me something in return? How many times have I felt noble for 'all I have done for Him?' How silly. He doesn't NEED me to help. He LETS me be a part of something so much bigger than I could ever comprehend. I need to keep that in perspective and thank Him for the opportunity.

So...thank you, God, for letting me be a part of what You are doing in the world. Thank you for the privilege of 'helping' once in awhile. Thank you for Your patience as I stumble clumsily through the tasks You have allowed me to do.

And thank you for letting me be a mom so that I can see Your love for me playing out in a practical way every day.

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