Thursday, September 04, 2008

Back to School

Posing for a picture before heading to the bus stop

Jeff and I have made the difficult decision to put the girls in school this year. I am very sad and will miss them so much - but feel that God is directing us to put them in school.

Once again, I have been so comforted by God's goodness and kindness as I began to realize I just couldn't homeschool this year. I asked Him for confirmation, and that particular morning, I read a promise that he had given me several years ago. It's a verse that I cling to often in Isaiah 54. "Your sons (and daughters) will be taught by the Lord and great will be your children's peace." It was so good of Him to remind me of that promise and to reassure me.

Molly is the one we have been the most worried about, since she has a tough time in social situations and will not go to a Sunday School class unless her best friend is there. Last year she became friends with a sweet little girl in her Awana program, who also attends our school. I asked the principal to put Molly in the same class as this little girl and she was able to honor our request. I had planned to call the mother of Molly's friend but was so busy, I hadn't gotten a chance. Last night, we were in the parking lot of a local store and who should come walking out but that little girl and her Mom! Molly was able to tell her friend that they would be in the same class and it greatly relieved some of her fears about school. I smiled all the way home, thinking how great it was that God had arranged that meeting for Molly. He is soooo good!

After the decision was made to enroll the girls in school, we have been dashing to numerous stores buying school supplies, new shoes and spending some precious 'girl time' together.

So, Jillian, Molly and Chloe are off to school today. They are excited and I am learning new lessons in letting them go and trusting God to watch over them.


Island School House said...

Karin, you are so brave! I don't know if I could do it! But, if the Lord was prompting me, I'd follow. I'd have to carry the Isaiah 41:10 with me constantly because I'd need to look at it every 5 minutes!

The girls will do well, you've given them a great foundation!

Karin said...

Honestly, it's killing me. I want them home. However, I cannot deny that God led us to this decision, so I want to be obedient because I know He has all of our best interests at heart. :)