Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Now I remember why....

...I chose to homeschool.

This morning we awoke and within one minute, poor Molly was sobbing that she didn't want to go to school. She is having a very hard time with the new schedule. She wants to spend more time with Mommy and is grieving the loss of that time. She has always had many fears, and this is stretching her to her limit--and maybe beyond. I have tried to comfort her and she says she prays a lot at school for Jesus to help her. She says He always does--but she would still rather be home with me. Bless her little heart.

So...we are trying to get everyone ready for school this morning and Molly is crying. SaraGrace starts crying - for reasons unknown to us (and probably her). Jillian starts yacking about how they are not allowed to have chapstick 'anywhere' in the school building and what will she do about her chapped lips? I look at her incredulously and want to say, "WHO CARES about chapstick right now? Your sisters are hysterical." ha. I manage to bite my tongue. Chloe was the only one who stayed sane and quiet. Ahhh...my mature kindergartener.

Molly cried all the way to the bus stop. I did my best to comfort her but it seemed to be falling on deaf ears. As the bus arrived, Chloe came over and held Molly's hand and they walked to the bus together. My heart was in my throat as I sent her off--feeling like a heartless heel. I have not felt God leading me to homeschool her, though, so I am trying to stay strong. I know that God can - and will - use this for good in her life and bring her into a closer relationship with Him, but it is so hard to watch her suffer.

I'm going to the school at lunch time to sit with her. Hopefully that will help.

My Molly

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2China4Ayla said...

I am so sorry - Poor you, Poor Molly. I will say a prayer for Molly right now.