Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Update on some sweet little girls

First some great news about little Jia, in China, who I asked you to pray for a few weeks ago. She needed a visa to come to the US for heart surgery. Things were at a standstill--and I don't know how God moved the mountains--but He did and she now has a visa!!! Please pray that her heart surgery will be a success. It will be a very complicated, delicate one.

Do you remember baby Sinh from Vietnam? We were told that her heart was inoperable and were given the impression that she would not live long. She had a stroke over a year ago which affected her left side. I have been asking the agency for an update on her and this week I received some pictures! The agency director also told me that she is doing well, walking and interacting, although had some neurological damage from the stroke.

This photo was taken in Oct. 2007

Also taken in Oct. 2007...this is Sinh in her crib. She doesn't even have a mat to lie on..just these uncomfortable wooden slats.

This photo was taken a week ago. Her little lips and fingernails are so blue from lack of oxygen. SaraGrace had the same blue lips and fingernails prior to her surgery. I so wish we had been able to help Sinh. Every doctor we showed her medicals to, said that we were too late. She should have had surgery at 3 months of age. We didn't know about her until she was 18 months old. By then, the high blood pressure caused by her heart working improperly, had done irrepairable damage to her little heart.

We asked about getting her into a foster home, but apparently that did not work out. I don't know if Vietnam is familiar with any type of foster care, so it seems that little Sinh will live out her days in an orphanage. It is so heartbreaking. Does she ever have loving arms around her? Does anyone tell her that she is special? That she matters in this world? Did anyone cheer and clap when she took her first steps? Does anyone celebrate her birthday or comfort her when it thunders outside?

Sometimes to let my mind wander to what an orphan experiences, could suck the breath out of me. It comforts me to know that God loves Sinh far more than I ever could, and that He is watching over her. In my helplessness, He has given me the ability to do something for her that bridges the ocean that separates us...PRAY. With my prayer, I can touch her...love her from afar, and have confidence, knowing that God is answering those prayers.

Her name means Life. Her's is a life that matters.

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