Thursday, July 10, 2008

She smiles...

We just received this picture of Zoey, and for the first time ever, we have been introduced to her coy smile. What a blessing it was to receive these pictures!

We also received some photos of her leg and foot. We were quite startled by them because they look different than the ones we have from when she was a baby. We don't feel that we have been misled, it's just that when she started walking and putting weight on her foot, her true condition became much more obvious. We have an x-ray that was sent to us a few months ago from China, but since we haven't been to see Chloe's orthopedic surgeon since then, we hadn't asked him to give an opinion yet. After seeing the photos of her foot and leg, I pulled out the x-ray and looked at it closely. Dr. Karin has noticed that she doesn't seem to have any ankle bone, nor any heel bone. (Yes, I know I am so intelligently explaining this in my non-doctor terms..haha) And if I was a real doctor, I would have noticed the lack of foot bones when we first received the x-ray. It's also obvious from the pictures that her leg length difference is much more severe than Chloe's, since she is bending her 'good' leg quite a bit while the other one is straight. It just makes me want to get on a plane and bring her home for an evaluation!

We have sent these photos to Chloe's ortho, and are waiting for his response.

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