Friday, July 18, 2008

The doctor weighs in on Zoey

Our family orthopedic surgeon called yesterday to discuss Zoey's leg. He said she has a very common birth defect called fibula hemimelia. He will have to evaluate her of course, but are facing a choice between many, many reconstructive surgeries or amputation. One of the biggest factors will be the leg length difference. If it is greater than a 20% difference with the other leg, amputation will probably be the best option for her.

The doctor said that he would put a brace on her ankle right away so that she doesn't have to walk on the side of it anymore.

He has patients with this same condition--some parents have chosen amputation and some have chosen reconstructive surgery. He said he would put us in touch with them to help us make the best decision for Zoey.

I just want to get her home!

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