Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Summer's greatest invention...flip-flops

I love summer...and I also love when my kids can wear flip-flops. No need to find need to tie several pairs of shoes...just slip those flip-flops on and the kids are good to go.

Or at least that is how it SHOULD be.

We currently have 367 pairs of flip-flops in our house. I say 'pairs' loosely, because we can rarely find a matching set. One time I pounced on what I thought was a matching set--held them up triumphantly--only to realize that they were not the same size. Hrmph...back to searching under beds, behind couches and in the wastebasket.

I have to give my kids a one hour warning prior to leaving the house. "All of you need to find a matching pair of shoes." I used to say, "All of you need to find a pair of shoes." I now need to clarify that they need to be matching, after taking SaraGrace to the store the other day. I glanced down at her and noticed that she was wearing these:

They weren't even remotely similar. She just chose two random flip-flops and then hopped in the car, out of sight of Mommy. It worked for her! (And to think I used to always make sure my kids had socks that matched their outfits and coordinating hair bows...)

Baby Jake has decided that he also wants to be like his older siblings and wear flip-flops. This is a child who hasn't been walking all that long, but he has managed to learn to walk in flip-flops. He insists on putting them on all by himself, and even though he has a 50/50 chance of getting them on the right feet, he almost never does. He also doesn't realize that there is a certain toe that should hold the shoes on. His feet look like this:

I was comforted to hear my sister giving her kids the same speech today as they were getting ready to leave the house. "Where are your shoes? Why can't you find at least one matching pair?" And don't even get me started on socks...we never having any matching pairs of those either!

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