Saturday, July 12, 2008

Camp, potty-training, and favorite movies

We sent Taylor and Jillian to Camp Barakel last Monday. It was Jillian's very first time going away to camp. She looked petrified as she rode off with the rest of the kids from my parents' church. Taylor has been there quite a few times and was really looking forward to it. My Mom has called twice to let us know that both kids are doing well (my Mom went along to volunteer in the kitchen). It's a bit odd to only have six kids here--and usually just five, since Ryan is often out of the house. Molly has missed Jillian quite terribly and has had several meltdowns, but is trying to be brave. She had Chloe have already made Jillian some "welcome home" cards in anticipation of her return on Monday.

Meanwhile, dreaded potty-training chore has begun in earnest for Jordan. He is doing remarkably well, although there have been some unmentionable moments. Blech. As I looked through the pictures on my camera, I came across one that Molly had staged and taken of Jordan reading the paper while sitting on his potty chair. She is so funny!

Last night we decided to watch one of our favorite family movies--Nacho Libre. Yes, I know, we are deep literary thinkers. Ryan has been wanting to put a mask on Jake to make him look like Nacho in the movie. This morning the time was right.

He ended up looking more like Batman than Nacho, but we tried. He then left and came back modeling his own fashion accessory... These sunglesses belong to Jillian's Build-A-Bear, and she would be most unhappy to know he was playing with them in her absence. He loves them, though, because they are so tight on his head that he can put them anywhere and they stay lodged there.

A certain unnamed friend was disappointed that I didn't line all the kids up for a 4th of July photo this year, so I am going to try to appease her with the following shots. I have been trying to take some photos that I could use in lieu of taking the kids for professions pictures. There are several reasons for that, which I won't bore you with. I haven't been successful getting usable shots of the older kids yet, so I will have to keep trying. I'm struggling with the lighting, so if any of you can give me some tips, I would love it!

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