Thursday, July 17, 2008

Splashes of joy

A friend of mine invited us over to her pool the other day (thanks, Susie!). Normally, we leave Jake and Jordan at home napping (under the care of big brother, Taylor). However, this particular day, Taylor had other things to do, so we decided to take the little boys with us. Jordan had tried the pool the week before, so he was an old pro. We put life jackets on both of them and Jake started crying. The next thing we knew, he was as far as he could get from the pool, hiding behind a chair.


He likes the bath, so I knew he would like the water if I just made him get in. We sat together on the steps and edged our way down into the water--with Jake letting out little shrieks each time we went deeper. Finally, we were in the water, and he started to smile. Susie had some cool floaties with seats in them, so I could just stick both boys into the seat and they could float around. Jake quickly became acclimated to the idea and had a blast for the rest of the day!

Little Jordan has made some amazing strides of late. We have had some bonding issues with him, and even though he didn't exhibit any horrible behavior, we still knew that he hadn't quite given his heart to us yet. He was willing to let us hug him and hold him, but he rarely reciprocated. He would even ask for hugs--but would remain stiff and wooden, not returning the hugs. We have been praying and praying that he would be able to fully trust us. Finally, about two months ago, he looked at me and totally out of the blue, said, "I love you, Mommy." heart melted! I didn't hear those words again until about a week ago. He said it again...and since then, he has been saying it more often. He has been climbing up into my lap, hugging me, kissing me, and just hanging out with me. His personality is changing from an overly anxious, worried child, to a silly, joyful little boy. Sooooo sweet! I think we finally have his heart...and he certainly has ours! Makes me understand in a small way how God feels when one of His children finally give their hearts to Him.

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