Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sweet Summer Days

I cannot believe it will be July next week.  Cannot.
It seems like we have been waiting forever for summer to come back and now it is slipping past us way too fast.

What does your family love about summer?

Some of our favorites are:
Eating dinner outdoors on our deck
Corn on the cob
grilling out
swimming at the Y
sleeping in
playing in the sprinkler
riding bikes and roller blades
the beach
Basically anything we can do outside...even weeding.

Notice how Jordan never stops eating his corn in these next two pictures.  Priorities, People! And I love how Jake's tongue is hanging out as he tries to put bunny ears over Kate's head.

Jake's dirty feet.  No clue why he decided to lay on a chair and stick his feet in the air.


sara said...

I am with you...June just sped by and with my schedule in July, I think I will blink and August will be here.!!!!!

by the way, corn on the cob is definitely one of my favorite things of summer!

Musings from Kim K. said...

Slow the summer down!!! Darling pics. Bring on summer corn!

Heather said...

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MMS Plus' Woman of Fortune Hall of Fame said...

This is the wonder of nature