Sunday, June 23, 2013

Here's your sign...

The other day I noticed a new sign on the door of the boys' room.

"No girls aloud.  Only Mom.  Think you!"

Bahahahahahaha!  It totally cracked me up.  

The following day, there was an answering sign on the little girls' door.

"No boy alound.  Only Girls.  Dad can!  Thank you."

Take that, boys!

At least they are practicing their penmanship and sounding out words.  I have to give the prize to Jordan for spending time trying to make the sign look nice - as opposed to Zoey scribbling out her sassy comeback as fast as she could.


sara said...

LOL!!! love this!

Kathy said...

Oh we have matching signs on our bedroom doors that appeared recently-so funny!! Caleb's says 'No annoying little sisters allowed' and 'Yo! All boys are welcome(and mum)' And Beth's says 'no boys allowed. only Dad' And an extra one to say 'no dogs allowed-woof woof'! :D Pretty sure I probably had something similar on my door when I was younger too!

Shonni said...

LOL...that's great!