Monday, June 17, 2013

What to do on summer vacation...

I am already hearing some faint rumblings of, "What is there to dooooo?"

The other day, Jillian asked if they could play with a box that had been in the basement.  She took it outside and all the kids started playing with it.

Just for the best parenting advice?  Give kids boxes.
Lots of them.
And let them play for hours.

I just might go and BUY some boxes at a local moving store if necessary.
They are worth their weight in gold.

Back to the story...

At first it was used as a fort.
Then they decided to play some variant of 'tag' where the person who was 'IT' had to tackle and drag the victim to the back steps.  Zoey was IT pretty much the entire time because she LOVES any excuse to tackle her siblings.  Not sure what role the box played in this part of the play time.

Zoey enlisted Jillian to help her carry those who were 'out' because Jillian decided she didn't want to be tackled.

"I'm coming for you, Jakie!"

"Down you go, Jakie."

Jake fakes an injury in an attempt to salvage a bit of dignity after being taken down by a girl.

They played that game for a ridiculously long time because Zoey didn't get tired out.

After a bit, Jordan wandered back over to the box and tried to stand up and put it over his head.  No matter how hard he tried, the box kept collapsing.

Seeing his problem, Jillian came over to help and soon he was in business! 

Two kids fit nicely in the box so they thought it would be super fun to walk back and forth across the yard in the box.
It was their very own little Flintstones 'car.'
Or something.

Oops...over they go!

Boxes are FUN.
Go get some.
No need to thank me.


Musings from Kim K. said...

I'm smiling from ear to ear. Love this post. Aren't they having old fashioned fun! Josie had a cardboard box cottage from February until May inside our house. It finally found it's way to the curb, but it was full of entertainment.

Chris said...

We made houses out of ours...used steak knives to cut out windows (horrors) and when the box collapses you can lay one box (opened up) on a hill and use a smaller piece of cardboard to slide ...I almost had forgotten about that..I'll be looking for cardboard too tomorrow.