Friday, June 28, 2013

Goggles make everything more fun

We swim often at the Y.
The kids adore wearing goggles.
Last year, we had several pair but only two seemed to have survived the winter.

At Target, I happened to score a 3-pack yesterday.
Jake needed a colorized pair to help protect his eyes.  He has a coloboma in one of his eyes which makes it very sensitive to light.

Due to weather that looked like it could thunderstorm at any moment, we elected not to go to the pool today.
Jake and Zoey were quite disappointed.
In an attempt to salvage the day, I suggested they play in the sprinkler.
Soon a chorus of, "But can we still wear our new goggles?" filled my ears.

Of course not.
Who needs goggles to run through the sprinkler?

Apparently....this one does.
As does this one.
We are stylin' in our new goggles.
See?  The goggles are a necessary item for frolicking through the sprinkler.
Or standing still and plugging your nose, as the case may be.
Otherwise, one would have to stand there with nose plugged and eyes closed, which would severely dull the experience.
This is super fun.
Gnarly surf, dudes.
"Getting pelted with frigid water was totally worth being able to try out my new goggles."
"Thanks, Mom!"


Sharon said...

Cute, cute kids!!!!!!

sara said...

love this!

MMS Plus' Woman of Fortune Hall of Fame said...

This is great

Diane said...

I have a coloboma, just like Jake does! The eye with the coloboma isn't real sensitive to light, but I do know what Jake is going through with his sight. I love your blog!!