Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Update on Chloe

Miss Chloe is doing very well!  The first week she needed pain meds fairly regularly but she doesn't need them anymore.

We went back to Shriners on Monday for a post-op check.  Everything is healing well.  She is not allowed to put her full weight on her leg for another 6 weeks, so needs to continue using the crutches until then.  After six weeks, they will do an x-ray to see if there has been enough bone growth to support her full weight.  Where they drilled the hole (horizontally from one side of her knee to the other), there is only a sliver of bone holding it together. 

Other than feeling bored the first few days and needing to adjust to her temporary normal, she has not complained at all.  She manages to find ways to amuse herself and all of the kids have taken turns staying indoors to play with her.  She is really missing being able to roller blade and ride her bike.  The good news is that the doctor said she can take her leg brace off to swim once the pool opens at the Y.  We will have to get her over to the edge, take off the brace and then help her slide in. 

Nothing like a rousing game of Uno to take the edge off boredom.

Jordan plots his strategy as Kate inadvertently shows everyone her cards.
"Mouhahaha....I've got a Draw 4 with your name on it."

"Yeah?  Me, too.  Bring it on!"
Kate, not a savvy card player, likes all the pretty colors.

But all is not fun and games.  We needed to move a pile of mulch and all the kids pitched in to help.  They were like a small army of workers.

Don't laugh at our choice of equipment.  We were all fighting over the snow shovels because they worked the best.  Who knew?

There weren't enough shovels to go around, so those who couldn't lift as much had to make do with whatever they could find.  Kate used a frisbee to fill her bucket.  And when it was full, she wouldn't let me help her lug it to the flower beds.  She did it all by herself.

Zoey was a work horse.  I had to force her to stop and drink water.  It was hot and I didn't want her to get dehydrated.  She did end up with a bit of heat sickness that night--headache and just not feeling so great.  She was good as new the next morning though.

Jordan watches in amazement as Zoey stomps the shovel.

Jake repeatedly filled his wagon and dumped it in the flower beds.

All done.  And more fire damage!  Jeff fixed it good as new.


Angie said...

I just love reading about your kids. They are so sweet! Proud of you, Chloe, for being so patient with your leg healing. I remember when Jenna had surgery, we had to carry her everywhere for about 6 weeks. She'd say, "Woot, woot! Princess coming through!" Someday we really need to get our families together...what a blast! OK...seriously, what do you drive to haul the whole family?? I soooo want to adopt again but the van is full.

Musings from Kim K. said...

Chloe is such a trooper. I love your landscape nursery crew. You are reminding me that we should have bought fresh mulch this year. I'm hiding this post from Chris. Maybe he won't remember.

Debbie Sauer said...

Love the mulch crew. We could use them here. So glad Chloe is doing well. Blessings

P. Preston said...

AWESOME pic of Zoey! I bet that could be really encouraging to a new amputee or even the Boston survivors!