Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Their First Day

It was raining this morning so we didn't get any good pictures. I will retake some when the weather is better--which might be a few days from now.

Everyone hopped out of bed and got dressed. They were so excited. The 'triplets' were a little nervous, but mostly just excited. Jake and Kate were worried about leaving mommy home all by herself. I assured them I would be fine.
I left out the possibility of me Snoopy-dancing.

Dressed and ready with their new backpacks.
Jake isn't even wearing his pants backwards.

The middle kids--now old pros at the first day of school.

My big girls--they look so grown up. Wah.
I'm sure some will notice all the paper towel rolls they are holding.
Required at school. Not sure why only one per class. I just followed instructions.

We had a few morning mishaps.
Like a brand new gallon of milk getting dropped and having the bottom burst. That was fun.
And a little kid wearing a backpack managed to knock the head off of my Chinese soldier.

Oh well...there is glue.

Pretty soon they all piled into the van. Jake climbed in and then back out...ran back to me and said, "I will miss you, Mommy." Awwww....
Then they drove off with Jeff.
And the house got very, very quiet.
It was weird.
Even the dog was confused.
I'm not sure I like it but I'm sure I'll get used to it.

I took myself to Panera for lunch. It's quite a step up from Burger King.
Just sayin.'
I had a quick stop to make at Target, where the check-out girl recognized me and said, "No kids today?"
We then commiserated about how we miss our kids when they are at school.

Jake gets picked up 30 minutes before the other kids so it was just he and I for a little while. He had a great day. Soon the other kids were done and came piling out to the van. Thankfully, everyone had a wonderful day and chattered happily all the way home.

Next week I will start my new career at their school as the gym teacher. Wheeee! It helps pay their tuition. Gym is at the end of the day, so I will head there around 1PM.
I have a whistle.
I'm looking forward to using it.
A lot.
Oh the authority it will give me.
Stop snickering and don't be jealous.


Kimberlie said...

Hey, I want a career where I get to blow a whistle at kids. That sounds like fun! ;)

I am glad that everyone had a good first day. Trust me, you will enjoy those quiet moments alone eventually. I look forward to every Mon and Tues now when all my kids are in school and I get grumpy when they decide that two weeks into the school year they are going to have a professional day and I have kids home on one of my "free days." No "Mother of the Year" award for me.

Cari said...

Wow, Karin! I'm speechless. I'm not sure where to start my comments. Here's one: That I'm jealous of your alone time! Yep...I said it...especially because I'm homeschooling one this year. :) Here's another: Gym teacher...hmmmmm...the first imagine that comes to my mind is the gym teacher from the movie SKY HIGH. If you haven't seen it you's a hoot! BUT I'm pretty sure that you will do a great job at blowing that whistle. Don't let their little whimpers get to your soft side when they are on their 50th sit-up...hehe.

trustandobey said...

You are going to be their what??? Hmmmm...let's see...I am trying to recount the number of times that you have blogged about (no, that's too strong) about "ever even mentioned in passing" your love for physical education...ummmm...hmmmm. Girly, my hat is off to you:) I guess the position of photography teacher was taken?

Kim K. said...

Sounds like a fabulous first day and I'm so impressed with your 'future' physical education career! Enjoy those quiet moments of silence. Hugs to you and the dog.

Chris said...

Whatever is necessary to lower the tuition...but I think I'd ask for a janitor job instead of gym teacher...