Monday, September 12, 2011

Sweet baby Michael needs our help!

Michael--yesterday in ICU

Sweet baby Michael normally resides with our friends, Bill and Lynsay, at Morning Star home in China. He was brought to them in very bad shape and desperately needed heart surgery. You can read his full story HERE.

After initially being told that the hospital would not attempt a surgery on such a sick infant, they relented and agreed to try. However, they said not to expect much.

In China, you must pay up front for surgery and hospitalizations. The expected cost was $15,000. Of course, Bill and Lynsay did not have that amount. However...God miraculously provided.

Michael had his surgery and was doing well but then took a turn for the worse. The bill is increasing daily as he struggles for life in ICU.

Last year, after our 'baby blanket and pillow' fundraiser for Morning Star, a friend sent me a beautiful baby quilt to auction off. {Thank you, Anne Devlin!} I have been hanging onto it until God led me to offer it and I believe that time is NOW! help with baby Michael's expenses, I will auction off the quilt this week. I am starting the bids at $50 and the bidding will end on Friday, Sept. 15 at 6:00PM. To bid, please leave a comment letting me know what your bid is. If you do not want to bid publicly, I will allow you to bid privately but you need to leave a comment with your email address so that I can contact you.
I will try to keep the comment section updated so that you know what the bidding is up to.

I know this may not be a huge chunk of change in the grand scheme of things, but every little bit will help. Also, if you prefer, you can go directly to the Morning Star blog and donate.

Do you know an expectant or new mom, or a new baby who would love to have this quilt? How awesome to be able to give a gift like this, knowing that not only will it wrap a new baby, but help a baby on the other side of the world to fight for life! As a new mom, I know I would have been very touched to receive a gift like this.

The quilt is in shades of rose, mint green and brown.

One of the squares has a beautifully embroidered Chinese symbol for 'Love.'

Another view...

Close-up of the beautiful stitching

Let the bidding begin! Let's rally around a tiny orphan who needs our help!

And please pray for a miracle for tiny Michael.
Fight, little man, fight!


Krista said...

I'll bid $60. It's a beautiful quilt!

Vinnie's Warriors said...

Oh, it hurts to look at the picture of Michael. :-( I'll bid $65!

Anne Devlin said...

I'm so happy that my little quilt can help baby Michael - he is in my thoughts and prayers!

Yvette said...

Oh I have been watching Michael's plight and was so saddened this morning. I'll bid $75 for our sweet little Feifei

Jean said...

I am so concerned about that little guy- praying we see progress soon!
I'll bid $80!

Valerie and Jeff said...

Sweet Michael is being lifted up in prayer!! Be strong little man!!--and the quilt is GORGEOUS!
I'll raise the bid to $125

Kathy said...

what a great idea Karin. I bid $150

Jamie said...

You can also sign up to give monthly donations on their website.

Every little bit helps, please do it if you can.

kendi said...

$155. It's beautiful!

Yvette said...

I would like to bid $175