Friday, September 16, 2011

Braces, and first day of school pics

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This was a big week for Jillian. She got her braces! She has been wearing a retainer to pull some of her molars back but it wasn't working all that well. So, this week she had two teeth pulled (ouch) and braces put on.
She wasn't really THAT pale after getting her braces. It was just the crummy lighting in our backyard at the time.

And as are a few back-to-school photos. These were taken after school and not on the actual first day.
It was pouring rain the first three days of school, which makes it pretty impossible to take outdoor photos. :)
Certain kids were um...not cooperative...aka: CRYING about getting a photo, so first shot was of their shoes. Not everyone needed new shoes, but most of them did.

Tears gone...all the little kids want a photo with big sister.

Time for shots of everyone's backpacks.

Some passed the time by lying on the ground, but at least they were willing to smile for mom.

These two like having photos taken together. :)

Close-up shoe shots.

Then when you are all done with the individual shots, you can go to and use their FREE collages to make a little memento of their first day of school.

Like this:
Easy, peasy. I made this in a few minutes. Print it out and voila...stick in the baby book!

Picnik also has lots of additional ways to edit photos and make collages when you purchase their $25 a year subscription. Well worth the money if you want to do a little extra with your photos. I don't work for them--I just enjoy their product. :)


James, Dawn and Family said...

LOve It! you have a real eye for special pictures!!

Lori said...

So fun, so adorable!!

Love the braces! She looks positively dawling!

Cari said...

beautiful pics! all your children express joy, love and beauty in those photos.

Kim K. said...

Darling braces. I'm totally in love with your wooden bench and the kiddos shoe shots. Brilliant shots.

Jean said...

Love the pics- they are so cute!!

trustandobey said...

These are very cute, Karin. We just got braces off last week.Such a fun right of passage. Hope you all have a good school year.

katysewell12 said...

The braces look great! I am confident that she will love her smile after the process is complete. I know that after I got my braces off, I felt more confident is my looks and with my smile!