Friday, May 18, 2007

Vietnam heart baby needs more prayers

The little baby in Vietnam that I told you about awhile back, is in need of more prayers.

After a series of bumps, baby Sinh is finally on her way to Singapore as I write this. We were hoping to have her seen by the doctor who did SaraGrace's surgery, but after the little entourage was already enroute, we learned that Dr. Shankar was going to be on vacation.

Things are a bit up in the air at the moment, and we do not know if there will be a doctor available to assess her until Monday. I was given the names of two cardiac surgeons, but was not told if they would be willing to do a surgery free of charge.

Baby Sinh needs to be assessed at any rate, so that is the first step. We tried to have her assessed in Vietnam, but that proved a bit fruitless as the 'video' they sent of her echocardiogram was not actually downloaded from the computer. They took a video camera into the exam room and tried to tape what was playing on the computer! Needless to say, it wasn't very helpful to SaraGrace's doctor in Singapore who attempted to review it. The frustrations of medical care in a third world country....

We have been told that baby Sinh's health is deteriorating, so we are hoping and praying that we are not too late to try to save her life. If her heart has been too damaged by the high blood pressure caused by her heart defect, there will likely be nothing the doctors can do. If the damage has not been too great, her heart defect is one that can be surgically corrected.

Recent photo of baby Sinh

If you would like to pray for her, these are the specific requests:
**That she will be taken to a doctor who has a heart of compassion and is willing to do the surgery free of charge
**That if she is operable, the hospital would QUICKLY approve the funding
**That all the logistics for the group from Vietnam would be taken care of in Singapore--and that the funding for their airfare, hotel, etc., would be donated.
**That if God wants her life to be saved, He would intervene in a miraculous way (He already has, but more miracles need to happen!)

If you are interested in donating to help her, donations can be sent to:
Faith International Adoptions
RE: Vu Thi Sinh surgery
535 E Dock St. # 103
Tacoma WA 98402

I believe in the power of prayer...and I believe that my God is able to intervene to do the miraculous in this little girl's life. Our SaraGrace is living, bouncing proof of that!

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