Thursday, May 03, 2007

Countdown begins....

One week from today (Thur) we will have baby Jacob in our arms! We have had an exciting week and I wanted to share how God has once again provided for our family in a miraculous way.

A few weeks ago, a friend in our small group told me that she knew a pilot who worked for Spirit Airlines. She put me in touch with the pilot's wife, who immediately started trying to see if she could get us some free passes to Guatemala.

I gave her our travel dates--May 10-15. This is where you just have to love God's timing. Spirit Airlines is just beginning to offer service to Guatemala. The first day they will offer service there will be....drum roll please...May 10th. :) Don't you love it?!

Then it got a bit more interesting... Spirit Airline has a policy that does not permit pilots to use their passes until a city has offered service for 60 days. So...that meant we could not use the free passes. This precious family decided to plead our case to Spirit Air. The pilot went to the head pilot, who went to the Director of Operations at Spirit. Two days ago, we got the wonderful news that Spirit--as a gesture of goodwill--was going to give us FREE TICKETS! read that correctly--FREE TICKETS!

We shake our heads in amazement and awe... :) God just never ceases to surprise us with all the ways He comes up with to meet our needs! :) And we are so thankful for this wonderful family who has worked so hard to make these tickets possible...what a blessing they are!

And in addition to that, we have mysteriously received some cards and letters in the mail recently with financial help--which has helped us to pay down our adoption debt from Jacob and Jordan's adoptions. THANK YOU!! You have blessed our family more than you could know. And to those of you who write and say you are praying for us--what a precious gift that is. It is incredibly encouraging to know that not only are you bothering to read our emails and blog, but you are also praying for us! We are humbled and grateful.

Thank you also to our small group, who has again stepped up and donated many goodies to put in gift bags for the orphans in Guatemala. We can't wait to pass them out!! Our three oldest girls had a blast putting them together today. I will post a few pictures of them having fun, talking and laughing about how much the kids in Guatemala would enjoy getting those bags. Not only are you blessing some sweet children in Guatemala, but you have also made an impression on three little girls in our house--and for that, I thank you sooo much!

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