Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Baby Sinh's Trip to Singapore

Baby Sinh was assessed in Singapore and the news was not good. They had a surgical team standing by to take her into surgery immediately, but after assessing her, felt it would be too risky. Her heart is very enlarged and she has a huge VSD (hole). The Singapore hospital will only do free surgery for children who have a good prognosis. Sinh did not fit that criteria. They had no choice but to send her back to Vietnam.

When told of this news, a friend offered to call an organization she formerly worked for, called Healing the Children. This organization brings needy children to the US for surgery and pays for the majority of it. They have agreed to take baby Sinh's Echocardiogram to several of their surgeons to see if anyone is willing to operate on her. We are praying for at least one of them to have compassion on her and take the risk.

The trip to Singapore had one very good outcome--it enabled the orphanage director to see how serious her condition was. Prior to that, he was saying that he would not allow her to come to the US unless she was accompanied by her nanny and would not give guardianship to a charity to care for her. It is customary for charities bringing children for surgery to need to do a Power of Attorney for temporary custody. Thankfully, the director signed the POA, and I was able to forward it to Healing the Children. We are just waiting now for the Echo to get here from Singapore.

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